Qwest CyberSolutions Expands Security Offerings

Qwest CyberSolutions (QCS) Monday signed a deal with Veritect to expand its security offering.

The ASP plans to offer Veritect's penetration testing and assessment services. The partnership expands QCS' offering to include host-based intrusion detection, network intrusion detection, authentication and periodic vulnerability assessment.

The network intrusion detection service is offered in two packages: IDS Elite for Network, in which sensors are configured for the customer's security policy and network and placed within the circuit to monitor network traffic; and IDS Network Scout, in which sensors are configured and deployed with a standard set of attack signatures. QCS is alerted when an intrusion has been detected and works with the customer to resolve the problem.

The host-based intrusion service is powered by Enterasys' Dragon Squire intrusion detection software.

QCS' existing security solutions include secure connectivity via VPNs, basic firewall management, virus protection and user account management.