CRN Security News

  • eBay for System Builders, Part 2
    Tired of letting the big guns get the best component prices? With careful shopping on this auction site, you can find PC components for rock-bottom prices. Here's how...
  • Briefs: November 14, 2005
    Hewlett-Packard is altering its enterprise Big Deal pricing effective Jan. 3 to reward partners on profitability rather than a fixed percentage of the product&'s list price. It will also institute a minimum deal threshold of $50,000 to qualify.
  • BorderWare Update Focuses On Compliance
    BorderWare this week is set to launch an update to its e-mail security product that partners said will help catapult them into higher-end, strategic sales opportunities around regulatory compliance.
  • TippingPoint Device Has Broad Appeal
    TippingPoint is poised to step outside its high-end intrusion-prevention niche into the broader security market with a new multifunction device that marks the vendor&'s entry into the growing unified threat management space.
  • Check Point Adds Integrated Antispyware To Integrity 6.5
    Check Point Software Technologies has ratcheted up endpoint security for the enterprise—adding integrated antispyware, secure automatic downloads, instant message (IM) safeguarding and support for the SUSE Novell Linux Desktop to its Integrity software.
  • Protecting Enterprises From Ever-Changing Data Threats
    As IT security becomes more specialized, protecting data reaches beyond an all-in-one security solution—Imperva aims to help solution providers guard critical information with SecureSphere Database Security Gateway.
  • X-Fi: Hi-Fi For Custom Systems
    High-fidelity audio is being brought to the world of custom systems by Creative Technology&'s latest Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum sound cards with technology that surpasses all competing cards in clarity and quality.
  • Slim Pickings: Is There A Skills Shortage Looming?
    With advanced technology markets such as security and IP telephony booming, solution providers are running into a roadblock that harks back to the days of the Y2K boom: Skilled technicians and tech-savvy salespeople are becoming harder to find.
  • Check Point Targets Enterprise Spyware
    Check Point Software Technologies has ratcheted up end point security for the enterprise -- adding integrated antispyware, secure automatic downloads, IM safeguarding and support for the SUSE Novell Linux Desktop to its Integrity software.
  • Critical Flash Flaw Found, Fixed
    Macromedia's Flash has a critical bug that leaves all browser users armed with the popular media player open to attack, according to security firm eEye Digital Security, but a patch is available.
  • Microsoft Rebrands AntiSpyware As 'Defender'
    Microsoft has renamed its still-in-beta Windows AntiSpyware as "Microsoft Defender," a company official disclosed Friday, who also said that new spyware definitions would be pushed to users via Windows Update when the product goes final.
  • Cisco's Black Hat Nemesis Hired By Rival Juniper
    The security researcher who stirred up a hornet's nest last summer when he went public with a new exploitation tactic against Cisco's popular network routers has been hired by rival Juniper Networks.
  • Cisco: The Next Big Security Concern
    Which operating system, embedded in more than 80 percent of enterprise IT environments, is one of the fastest-growing hacker targets and potentially the most devastating information-security vulnerability? Hint: It ain't Windows. Cisco Systems' Internetwork Operating System (IOS) now sits at the center of the information security vortex.