CRN Security News

  • Symantec Warns of '06 Security Threat
    Security companies have charted a steep rise in targeted attacks over the past year as would-be hackers move away from headline-grabbing, far-reaching attacks to more profit-motivated ones targeted at a narrower range of victims
  • Majority of Federal Agencies Ill-Prepared For Disasters
    Despite hard lessons learned from both terrorist attacks and natural disasters, federal agencies still have a way to go in developing continuity of operations plans (COOP), according to a recent study from Citrix Systems.
  • VARs discover high-risk hardware MSP business pays dividends

    MSPs Tackle Hardware
    A growing number of solution providers are strengthening the bond of their managed services relationships by taking ownership of the customer hardware they once primarily monitored and maintained.
  • Addition of Trustgenix should bolster OpenView portfolio

    Why HP Bought Into Federated-Identity Management
    Hewlett-Packard's decision to acquire Trustgenix, one of the few remaining independent suppliers of federated identity-management software, will give it and its partners a key tool for cross-domain access management and authentication.
  • A jury of channel peers has handed down their verdict: VAR-crafted programs deliver higher margins, proven solutions and flexible business model options

    Partner Power
    Who better to devise a margin-rich channel program than a VAR? That&'s one of the reasons an increasing number of solution providers are reselling products, services and solutions from their peers.
  • Vendor moves more internal IT work offshore

    Microsoft VARs Ponder Oasis Plan
    Microsoft is pushing more of its own application development offshore as part of a project called Oasis.
  • Briefs: December 5, 2005
    Nathan Morton, who built the CompUSA PC retail colossus from two small stores, died last Wednesday.
  • Adding more functionality to existing infrastructure, apps without breaking the bank

    How To Do More With Less
    The financial services sector is on the shortlist of prime verticals for most software vendors and their allied solution provider partners. Supplying data collection, analysis and reporting applications is critical bread-and-butter work and has become even more so in the wake of the financial scandals of the past few years.
  • What Works For You?
    I am a hopeless mess when it comes to keeping all my various online account information straight. I constantly have to request either my account name or password. Granted, I changed my name legally after I married a couple of years ago, but it&'s embarrassing nonetheless. And those are just the accounts I remember that I&'ve forgotten.
  • Iron Mountain Acquires LiveVault
    Iron Mountain, the records storage firm, is shoring up one end of its business by acquiring LiveVault, which addresses the SMB market.
  • Devices from HomeLogic make it easy and inexpensive to set up home control systems

    Review: A Logical Approach To Control
    Until recently, consumers interested in interconnected platforms and devices have been forced to choose from a limited list of vendors, which adds to the price and can reduce the capabilities of a home network. HomeLogic is trying to reverse this trend with IP-based hardware that connects audio, video and home theater components, as well as lighting, security and HVAC subsystems to home networks and control systems. Digital Connect Lab engineers review the products.
  • How To: Everyone's A Salesman
    Executives from some of the most successful digital integrators say to succeed in the business, every employee must be involved in sales. Here's how they do it.
  • Smooth sailing so far for Legrand's purchase of On-Q and Greyfox

    After The Mergers: Smooth Sailing For Legrand's Purchase Of On-Q
    Acquisitions of technology vendors often lead to product shortages, poor communication and uneven services. But so far that's not the case following Legrand's purchase of On-Q and Greyfox, which has not only progressed smoothly but has yielded improved products and support, integrators say.