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  • Says products take it beyond industry-standard space

    Sun Banks On 'Uniqueness' Of New Server Offerings
    Sun Microsystems is unveiling on Tuesday three x64 servers—its first data server, an eight-socket rack-mount server and a blade server—taking its lineup beyond the two-socket rackmount fare that makes up the bulk of the market.
  • Digital Connect Hot Products: July 2006
    For solution providers looking for robust gaming PCs, power conditioning devices, whiteboards and projector mounts for the home and small-business markets, CRN has some to recommend.
  • Opportunity Knocking
    Even though I'm not at liberty to share all the details yet, I've been chatting with a New Jersey VAR who was recently part of an extraordinarily exciting project—his integration firm pulled together the pieces of a whole-home automation system that will be featured in an upcoming episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."
  • RSA VARs Uneasy Over EMC Deal
    EMC's blockbuster $2.1 billion acquisition of RSA Security could help raise the profile of security as a crucial part of core IT infrastructure, but solution providers are concerned that the direct sales-oriented culture of EMC could erase the recent progress RSA has made in improving its channel relations.
  • A Tool For Shielding Against Zero-Day Attacks
    Exploit Prevention Labs (XPL) aims to provide the final line of defense against zero-day attacks with SocketShield, a software security product that monitors all incoming and outgoing IP traffic.
  • Vendor's channel program targets data security

    Vontu Reaches Out To VARs
    The recent revelation that the personal data of millions of military veterans may have been exposed when a Veterans Administration employee's laptop was stolen is the latest reminder that sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands in any number of ways.
  • 20 Years Of PC Viruses
    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first PC virus. We look back at the highs and lows (well, mostly lows) of the ongoing struggle against malware.
  • A Brief History Of Viral Time
    From simple viruses that spread via floppy disk, to worms that hitch a ride on the Internet, to today's back-door Trojans and spyware, the past 20 years of malware have been a bumpy ride indeed.
  • 20 Years Of PC Viruses
    This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first PC virus. We look back at the highs and lows (well, mostly lows) of the ongoing struggle against malware.
  • CRN Interview: Intel's Mike Wall Voices Custom Storage Strategy
    Mike Wall, general manager of marketing for Intel's Storage Group, and Scott Peiffer, director of storage systems marketing, spoke with CRN senior editor Joseph Kovar about Intel's storage strategy and plans to deliver building blocks for the whitebox storage channel.
  • CRM could break out beyond SMB roots to enterprise, executives maintain.

    Microsoft: CRM's The Next Billion-Dollar Baby
    Microsoft is banking that its CRM, after a slow start, will become the company's next huge money-maker. While it might not hit Office-type numbers any time soon, it could still be the next billion-dollar baby, executives said recently
  • CRN Interview: SonicWall Channel Chief Mike Valentine
    Mike Valentine, vice president of America Sales for SonicWall, recently spoke with CRN Editor Heather Clancy about the security company's ongoing effort to reclassify its various solution providers, including a category he's describing as a sort of value-added DMR.