CRN Security News

  • Security Software Category Profile
    The rise in overall satisfaction in the Security Software category masks a general perception that vendors aren't doing enough to introduce innovation to their products and programs, and to enable their partners' businesses or combat emerging threats.
  • Microsoft Stands Firm On PatchGuard
    Microsoft insists that the Security Center in Windows Vista is vendor-agnostic, and that talks about it with third parties -- aka rivals in the security space -- are still ongoing. Rivals, however, remain skeptical.
  • Security Appliances Category Profile
    When looking at the historical baseline of Security Appliances satisfaction scores, solution providers are relatively content with the products of their vendors. Contentment, however, isn't necessarily a good thing.
  • VARs React To Departure Of McAfee CEO, President
    Solution providers expressed mixed reactions Wednesday to the news that McAfee's CEO and president are leaving the company in connection with accounting discrepancies in stock options backdating.
  • Microsoft Fixes Flaw In Vista
    Along with patches this week for Windows 2000, X, and Server 2003, it seems that Microsoft also issued at least one update for Windows Vista.
  • Symantec Unveils Data Security Strategy, Products
    At an event in New York City the Cupertino, Symantec outlined its strategy and announced several new products and partnerships on designed to help consumers and enterprises protect their proprietary information and increase user confidence in the Internet.
  • Survey: Computer Users Remain Risk Takers
    Globally, two-thirds of employees are cognizant of security risks when working remotely on company machines. That's the good news. Of course, the converse is that one-third connect blindly to the Internet, in spite of hacking, theft and malware threats.
  • Fortinet Boosts Perimeter Defense
    Fortinet continues to build up the speed and performance of its enterprise-focused unified threat management offerings to give companies a way to better secure their network perimeter.
  • Briefs: October 9, 2006
    FusionStorm, Sun Microsystems' largest West Coast solution provider and one of the largest U.S. VARs, acquired Jeskell, IBM's biggest government solution provider, creating a $400 million channel powerhouse.
  • McAfee, Symantec Hit Back Against Changes To Windows
    The simmering battle between Microsoft and the two biggest security software vendors is boiling over as Microsoft finalizes changes to the Windows Vista operating system that Symantec and McAfee say impede their products.
  • Trend Micro: Thousands Of Government Computers Infected By Bots
    Trend Micro is researching how PCs, including many computers in defense agencies, are infected with software that can be used to mine confidential data, send spam, or launch denial-of-service attacks. But government IT managers challenge those findings, and Trend Micro is backing down on some.
  • Sept. Bug In IIS Impacts All IE Users, Too
    According to a research note by the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center, MS06-053, an update and patch for a bug in the Microsoft IIS server software's indexing, looks like it impacts all users of Internet Explorer.