CRN Security News

  • State, Local Gov't IT Spending To Reach $72 Billion
    IT spending by state and local government is expected to grow 44 percent to $72 billion in the next five years, according to Reston, Va.-based research firm Input, with more than 80 percent of that total falling in the laps of private-sector companies as non-core government competencies are increasingly outsourced.
  • Security Firm Releases Patch For Zero-Day IE Flaw
    There's still no patch from Microsoft for a critical security flaw in the Internet Explorer browser, but computer security firm eEye Digital Security has released a temporary patch for the zero-day vulnerability.
  • Ruby On Rails Framework Adds AJAX Tools In Major Update
    Application development framework Rails went live with version 1.1 on Tuesday, adding more than 500 fixes and new features to the popular system for developing Web applications with the lightweight Ruby scripting language.
  • Check Point Misses Critical Opportunity
    The communiques coming out of Check Point Software Technologies are optimistic. Despite withdrawing from its purchase of intrusion-prevention innovator Sourcefire, the Israel-based firewall company says it will look for other ways to collaborate with its former acquisition target.
  • Microsoft Names New Security Chief
    Microsoft has named eight-year company veteran Ben Fathi as the new chief of its high-profile Windows security efforts. The company said his predecessor, Mike Nash, is "transitioning out of his position” and taking a sabbatical.
  • Taking The Headache Out Of Compliance Reporting
    Albeit imperative, compliance has become a complicated subject. So, elQNetworks' Enterprise Security Analyzer (ESA), which combines compliance reporting with auditing and security tools, attempts to uncomplicate things.
  • Microsoft Slams Apple's Security System
    Here's a twist: Microsoft's security people are lecturing Apple on how to handle security problems. Microsoft tells Apple to "tackle security issues by getting out ahead of them" and offers other friendly advice.
  • Massive Botnet Stealing Banking Info
    A stealthy bot Trojan has been infecting machines via drive-by-downloads and may have infected a million PCs. It aims to pillage personal bank accounts.
  • Visa Warns Software May Store PINs
    The credit card company issues a warning that some point-of-sale software may have incorrectly stored customer information. Some say that could be at the root of a recent debit card data fiasco.
  • Newbury Is All About Location
    Newbury Networks today announced an enterprise asset-tracking solution and a software development platform for emerging types of applications that incorporate location-based data from wireless networks.
  • Wagering On A Secure, Clustered Data Solution
    When Penn National Gaming needed a SAN to keep ITS data secure and available on a Mississippi riverboat casino, they called in storage solution provider Eagle Software, Salinas, Kan. Solution provider David Hiechel, president of Eagle Software, recently spoke with CRN features writer Jennifer Lawinski about how HE utilized SAN technology from Xiotech, an Eden Prairie, Minn.-based storage vendor, to meet the unique needs of a floating data system.
  • Faulty virus update triggers false positives

    McAfee Releases Flawed Patch
    McAfee released a virus signature update in mid-March for its consumer and enterprise security products that mistakenly flagged files—from Microsoft Excel, Adobe Update Manager and several other Windows applications—as untrusted or infected files.
  • Enabling Security--Anywhere--With Symantec
    Remote control of PCs and servers has become one of the most important tools for solution providers and system administrators--and Symantec is aiming to preserve its market share with the latest version of pcAnywhere.
  • SMBs Ripe For Secure E-Mail
    Following the path of Symantec, Microsoft and 3Com, SonicWall has become the latest security vendor to add e-mail security to its portfolio. VARs catering to the security needs of SMB customers should pay special attention.