CRN Security News

  • Hack-My-Mac Challenge Leaves System Shipshape
    A University Of Wisconsin systems engineer who said a Swedish hack-my-Mac contest was too easy closed down his own challenge Tuesday and said that even after 4,000 log-in attempts and two denial-of-service attacks, his Mac mini remained untouched.
  • VARs Say Seriousness Of First Mac Viruses Exaggerated, No Cause For Concern
    The worm-free reputation of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system has taken a few hits following the discovery of new security threats to the platform. Mac OS X had enjoyed the status of never having been exploited by a live virus or worm, until late last month. The first OS X worm, OSX.Leap.A, came to light on Feb. 16, and propagates via Apple’s iChat instant-messaging application. Days later, a second worm, OSX.Inqtana.A, was found, which exploits a vulnerability in order to spread via Bluetooth. Both worms are classified by security firms as low risk.
  • Compliance Jitters
    It really doesn’t matter what the occasion is these days. If you put a group of solution providers in a room, as sure as you are going to hear them complain about vendors, you are going to hear them talk about compliance.
  • Briefs: March 6, 2006
    Bell Microproducts has launched a new single-tier, services-focused business unit to provide storage solutions to end users, according to the distributor. Secure Data Group will provide data management and recovery, business process management, compliance services and information security, according to Jim Illson, CFO and executive vice president of finance and operations at Bell Microproducts.
  • Fortifying Firewalls The Fortinet Way
    With the release of the FortiOS 3.0 operating system, Fortinet aims for the bigger market players by offering unique security features and leveraging the channel.
  • RSA Conference Message: Make Security Simple
    Promoting simplicity in an increasingly complex environment may seem like a paradox goal, but that's exactly what needs to happen if IT security is to become more effective.
  • Apple Fixes Critical Safari Bug, 16 Other Flaws
    Apple Computer releases its first security update of 2006 to patch 17 bugs, including a critical flaw in the Safari browser and a gaffe in iChat that was used by the first Mac OS X worm to infect Macintosh machines.
  • New Breed of Hacker Attacks Have Criminal Intent
    A new report issued by Websense Security Labs shows that hacker attacks have evolved from random endeavors designed to create havoc to increasingly well-organized assaults with financial and criminal motives. Are your clients protected?
  • VARs cash in on making customer solutions simpler

    ID Management Gets Set For Prime Time
    If there's one software application that any organization must have today, it's identity management. Not long ago, comprehensive ID management was not honed enough to enter the market.
  • SEC Shuts Down $50 Million Autosurf Ponzi Scam
    The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed fraud charges against the owner of an Autosurf site who it accuses of running a $50 million Ponzi scam and pocketing nearly $2 million herself.
  • RFID Skills In Demand, Survey Says
    The number of individuals skilled in radio frequency identification technology (RFID) continues to fall short of demand, according to a survey of solution providers, consultants and systems integrators conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association of America (CompTIA).