CRN Security News

  • Microsoft's Gates Expounds Virtues Of IPSec, IPv6
    Microsoft executives on Tuesday outlined the software giant's vision for providing secure anytime, anywhere access to applications and introduced a new technology partnership to help customers fortify online security.
  • Workers Ignore Data Rules
    One in five of those surveyed admit to lending portable devices used to store sensitive work documents to co-workers.
  • For solution providers eyeing this profitable market, the question remains: build your own or resell someone else's services?

    Managed Security Services: Buy Or Build?
    Managed services in the channel took on a life of their own in 2006. Resellers and service providers, recognizing the need among SMBs, demanded changes in vendor pricing and services so they could build or sell vendor-managed services.
  • SIEM: A Market Snapshot
    If you're not familiar with SIEM technology, you soon will be. This fast-growing security segment is now in the crosshairs of all the top security vendors. Here's a snapshot of this emerging space.
  • CEOs To Hone Their Messaging At RSA
    The security industry's big guns will be at RSA 2007 this week in San Francisco, with executives from Microsoft, Symantec, Oracle, and Websense slated to give keynote addresses.
  • Microsoft's OneCare Fails Vista AV Tests
    Microsoft's own anti-virus software was one of several Vista-compatible programs that failed to sniff out all the malware currently loose in the wild, a noted testing publication said Friday.
  • IE 7 Phishing Bug For Windows XP Appears Early
    Microsoft released a non-security update for Internet Explorer 7 two weeks before the next patch day, and urged Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users to download and install the fix if they notice the browser mysteriously slowing down while surfing.
  • Microsoft Confirms Vista Speech Attack Tactic
    Windows Vista's speech recognition feature can be used by pranksters to remotely force a PC into executing some commands, Microsoft has confirmed, but the company's security team downplayed the threat.
  • Microsoft Touts First Fruits Of Whale Deal
    Microsoft on Thursday began shipping Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG) 2007, a product that represents the first step towards integrating the technology from its acquisition last July of Whale Communications.
  • Workshare Seeks Partners To Stop Data Leaks
    Workshare, which makes content security and risk assessment software, has launched a new vendor partnership program that gives its data leak prevention customers access to complementary technologies.
  • McAfee Doubles Down On Security Risk Management
    As McAfee's antivirus cash cow becomes commoditized, the security vendor has been giving itself a security risk management makeover. Now channel partners are being encouraged to get up to speed on selling the vendor's more complex products.
  • eEye Eyes Share Of Antivirus Market
    eEye Digital Security sees opportunity in what it calls the market's growing disenchantment with bloated, ineffective antivirus software from entrenched players.