CRN Security News

  • Locking In Network Security
    When Cisco first launched into network security, its Self-Defending Network (SDN) strategy sounded more like a wishful marketing pitch than reality
  • Sometimes support means providing partners with the foundation for innovation

    Raiding the Labs
    The last place I thought I'd find a biometric scanner is at Fujitsu. Disk drives, after all, are Fujitsu's bread and butter; the vendor, in fact, has invested more than $800 million to develop perpendicular recording, a technology that may increase hard-disk storage capacity fivefold over the next five years. So what's Fujitsu doing developing a biometric scanner? Taking opportunity where it sees it.
  • Systems include new embedded document accounting systems, to be included in future models

    Lexmark Adds Five Enterprise MFPs
    Lexmark International has rolled out five enterprise multifunction laser printers incorporating a new document-accounting engine that eliminates the need for PCs to handle that task.
  • What&'s Hot At RSA
    Security professionals agree that one of the biggest concerns in protecting the corporate network is making sure that when employees take laptops on the road they don't reconnect them to the corporate network infected with some sort of malware. The emerging technology to deal with this, known as Network Access Control, will be in the spotlight at this week&'s annual RSA security conference in San Jose, Calif.
  • With the right tools and a little know-how, system builders can expand their business — and keep customers networked and happy

    How To: Getting Started With Ethernet Cabling
    With the right tools and a little know-how, system builders can expand their business—and keep customers networked and happy.
  • Cisco Revamps Security-Management Offerings
    Cisco Systems is taking a big step to ease the management of its security equipment--and that of other vendors, as well. This week, the company is releasing its Cisco Security Management Suite (CSMS), an integrated security-event manager that includes the new Cisco Security Manager, and a revamped Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Response System (MARS). Cisco has also enhanced the SSL VPN and antimalware capabilities of its ASA 5500 security appliance.
  • Security Watch: RSA Expo Sneak Preview
    The biggest security event of the year starts today in San Jose, Calif., featuring numerous big-name speakers as well as a wealth of new product and solution announcements. Here's a jump-start on what to expect.
  • Spi Dynamics Helps To Patch Security Holes
    SPI Dynamics has come to the rescue with its WebInspect Web application security tool, which, as the name implies, is a utility that quickly uncovers security problems and helps administrators plug security holes.
  • Does Mac Have Potential For Hacker Attacks?
    The Apple Macintosh enjoys a reputation as one of the more secure systems out there, but the recent discovery of vulnerabilities in two of Apple&'s most popular applications serves as a reminder that no Internet user is immune. to attacks.
  • Dell-Google Hijinks
    One thing you can bet on from last week&'s confirmation that Dell is testing Google technology is that Michael Dell is pointing a figurative gun at the head of longtime buddy Bill Gates.