CRN Security News

  • ShadowRAM: September 25, 2006
    The HP hits keep on coming. The latest is that Mark Hurd, thought to be squeaky clean in Pretextgate, apparently knew about the seamy detective work going on.
  • Symantec Calls Out Microsoft Over Vista Security Center
    Symantec on Friday accused Microsoft of using monopolistic tactics to keep third-party consumer security software from disabling Windows Vista's built-in security dashboard, but denied that it would soon meet with European Union antitrust regulators, who are looking into complaints that Vista will violate a 2004 ruling.
  • MandAmp;A: Tale In Two Parts
    Our world saw two huge merger and acquisition moves last week—and probably many others that simply floated under the radar screen because they were smaller but no less profound.
  • Building The New EMC, One Acquisition At A Time
    EMC's acquisition this week of security vendor Network Intelligence, and its June acquisition of RSA, are part of a strategy to bring security into everything EMC produces, but not aimed at competing in the perimeter security business.
  • IE Exploit Could Soon Be Used By 10,000-Plus Sites
    Security researchers are sounding an alarm over an unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The bug has already been used to compromise PCs and load them with scores of adware and spyware.
  • How To Defend Against IE's VML Bug
    There's a potentially dangerous, unpatched flaw in Internet Explorer lurking around in the wild, but users who want to protect themselves do have options. Here's a quick guide to some of them.
  • Symantec Exec: Security, Storage Opportunities On the Rise
    The proliferation of technology such as e-mail, mobile devices and instant messaging is spurring sales opportunities for security and storage solutions, Symantec executive Mark Bregman said in a keynote Wednesday at Interop New York 2006.
  • AIM Bot Being Built
    A sophisticated bot that targets AOL Instant Messenger users has been spotted while still under construction, giving security researchers a unique peek into malware making.
  • Has Apple Lost Its Security Shine?
    With the latest large sets of security patches and an alleged wireless driver vulnerability, Mac OS X no longer seems invincible. Here's a look at the real threats in the Apple world and steps Mac users can take to protect themselves.
  • Storage giant adds software, services and security to tech mix

    The Transformation Of EMC
    Best known as a storage hardware vendor, EMC has spent more than $7 billion to become more of a software and services company. Is the strategy working?
  • Solution providers are sourcing an ever-higher percentage of total product purchases from other solution providers, study shows

    Channel Shopping: VARs Are Sourcing More From VARs
    Solution providers are increasingly sourcing product from other solution providers and less frequently from vendors, the 2006 Sourcing Study shows.
  • In response to the greater demand for off-site access to corporate networks, Netgear has created its ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator

    Review: Secure Remote Access With A Price That Is Right For SMBs
    With each passing day, more and more workers need remote access to corporate networks for either business travel or for working from home. But not all companies have the necessary IT dollars to spend on this capability. One solution: Netgear's new ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator.
  • New ISS Appliance Sends A Strong Message
    Internet Security Systems jumped into the e-mail security appliance market with a new appliance that brings together multiple technologies to pre-emptively protect network messaging infrastructure from known and unknown threats.