CRN Security News

  • Dell-Google Hijinks
    One thing you can bet on from last week&'s confirmation that Dell is testing Google technology is that Michael Dell is pointing a figurative gun at the head of longtime buddy Bill Gates.
  • Spyware Triples During 2005
    Spyware tripled during 2005, became ever-more sophisticated and stealthy, and attached itself to U.S. computers at rates above any other country, a security company says.
  • Appliance melds firewall, antivirus, router

    Juniper Combines Security, Routing
    Juniper Networks this week is bringing its security and networking capabilities together in its new Secure Services Gateway, a branch-office appliance that combines unified threat management with WAN access routing features.
  • Got a crashed system on your hands? Or one that simply needs a power boost? Here's everything you'll need to rebuild systems profitably

    Get Ready for Rebuilds
    Got a crashed system on your hands? Or one that simply needs a power boost? Here's everything you'll need to rebuild systems profitably.
  • IronPort launches new technology to assess trustworthiness of embedded links

    Beefing Up E-Mail Security
    In an effort to get tougher on spam and phishing attacks, e-mail security vendor IronPort Systems has launched a new capability that enables its appliances to assess the trustworthiness of Web links embedded in e-mails. The vendor&'s new Web Reputation technology, rolled out this month, aims to increase the antispam functionality of its e-mail security appliances and is supported by its SenderBase Network security database.
  • A Growing Trend In Security: Disk-Based Backup Restorations
    Backup technology needs to be reliable and easily integrated, among other things. Idealstor's channel-friendly program and turnkey backup-and-restore offering provides partners with a complete backup system that addresses all of these needs.
  • Time To Fire It Up
    Without the sweat of patent litigation on its brow, unified threat management vendor Fortinet has a rare chance to once again generate some heat in the small-business security channel. But the company has some flames to stoke if it hopes to regain to its former stature.
  • Early Version Of Linksys One Comes Up Short
    Cisco Systems&' Linksys division says it&'s still on track for a nationwide rollout this fall of the Linksys One hosted VoIP offering for small businesses, but several partners who recently saw live demonstrations of the product said the current version falls short of their expectations.
  • Countdown On For Kama Sutra
    The clock continues to tick toward the anticipated destruction of Microsoft Office documents, Adobe files, and backup archives. Security companies scramble to post their latest research on the Kama Sutra worm.
  • Defensive Play: Virtual Patching, Intrusion Prevention Come Of Age
    Patch management: It's the blight of companies that rely on software to make their businesses hum. And there's probably no greater drain on IT resources than the persistent need to patch vendor-announced flaws that place critical systems at risk to attack from viruses, worms and hackers.
  • FAQ: How Bad Is Kama Sutra?
    Sometime on Friday computers already infected with the Kama Sutra worm will start writing over important documents, rendering them useless and potentially causing catastrophic damage to consumers and businesses. Here's what you need to know.