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  • report SHOWS A dramatic increase in incidents

    Spyware: From Bad To Worse
    If you feel like you've been reading a lot about spyware lately, it's because the problem keeps getting more complicated.
  • ERP Spending to Rise Dramatically
    Input projects federal spending on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is expected to grow 33 percent, to more than $7.7 billion by 2010.
  • Is the GSA's Power Dimming?
    With competitive sourcing and the balance of public/private competition being such hot topics, are these fee-based "consulting services" provided by the GSA fair to integrators and--as the GSA itself gets called out more and more--is the GSA's status as a contracting superpower diminishing?
  • Distributors are redefining their roles in the government IT market by hyping their value as a link in lucrative contracts

    The Renewed Middlemen
    Distributors are pushing a new approach to government IT sales: use their government expertise and infrastructure to expand sales and revenue opportunities.
  • IBM looks to double its government business with the help of partners and integrated solutions

    IBM's Samson: Focusing On The Customer
    Study after study completed by IBM reveals that government customers want to buy fully integrated solutions 85 percent of the time.
  • New Mobile Virus Also Aims At PCs
    A new trojan aimed at Symbian-based smartphones also attempts to infect the user's Windows PC with two viruses, according to security vendor F-Secure.
  • Mozilla Patches Firefox, Says Browsers Secure
    Mozilla late Tuesday patched its popular browser to fix a buffer overflow vulnerability that could let attackers grab control of the PC, and it plugged a new, critical hole in the Linux edition of Firefox.
  • Hacker Spams Huge Quantities Of Trojan Horses, Again
    For the second day in a row, an unknown attacker spammed major quantities of a new Bagle-esque Trojan horse that turns off virtually every known security program and blocks access to security sites on the Internet.
  • Microsoft: Security Efforts Bearing Fruit
    Mike Nash, Microsoft's chief security executive, on Tuesday said the company was keeping pace with faster-on-their-feet attackers as threats continue to shift toward hacking for profit rather than notoriety.
  • Protect LANs From The Inside Out With Consentry
    ConSentry Networks' Secure LAN Controller can scale up to 10-GBps speeds, while servicing as many as 1,000 users. While speed is an important consideration with any security appliance, the real news is how the ConSentry device works in a LAN.
  • 3 Questions: Gary Doan, Intradyn
    Gary Doan, CEO of Intradyn, Eagan, Minn., spoke with CRN Editor in Chief Michael Vizard about compliance and archiving opportunities in the small-business market.
  • Freeware Bundles A Hit With System Builders
    In today&s ultracompetitive market, system builders need to exploit every advantage to compete successfully against tier-one vendors. Nowhere is that more evident than with bundled software.
  • ASUS Leaves Room To Grow
    One major factor system builders must consider when piecing together a system is the life cycle of components they plan to use, especially the motherboard.
  • Tells VARs that Symantec-Veritas integration will be a slow process

    Bloom: Wait And See
    Symantec and Veritas Software partners looking for details on how the combination of the two companies will play out are going to have to wait a little longer.