CRN Security News

  • Symantec: Vista Beta Code Could Pose Security Risks
    After kicking the tires on beta versions of Microsoft's upcoming Windows Vista operating system, Symantec researchers reported that the large amount of new code in the next-generation OS could lead to security vulnerabilities.
  • The State Of Spam
    Filters have gotten so effective at keeping junk e-mail away from users that there's little public outcry against spam today. But behind the scenes, the problem is worse than ever -- and it could mask a serious, real-world threat.
  • New Aventail SSL VPN Does NAC
    Aventail is putting the finishing touches on a revamped version of its SSL VPN platform and touting its ability to serve as a network access control (NAC) solution for the SMB and enterprise markets.
  • Watchfire Boosts Web Services Security
    Hackers frustrated with recent improvements in Web application security have begun shifting their attentions to Web services, and security vendor Watchfire intends to head them off at the pass.
  • Hackers Turn To Open Source
    Hackers have borrowed the same open-source development techniques used to build Firefox, Apache and Linux as they collaborate on malware projects.
  • With Paget as head of Technology Solutions Division, focus is on SMB space

    Synnex Steps Up With Printing Software, New Vendor Pacts
    Synnex took steps last week to further brand itself as the solution distributor for the SMB market by launching a cost-per-page printing solution and adding a spectrum of new vendor authorizations.
  • ShadowRAM: July 17, 2006
    OK, so it's still in beta, but Windows Defender Beta 2—Microsoft's free downloadable antispyware application—is a major-league headache, according to a gang of South Florida SMB and SOHO solution providers who get together regularly to shoot the bull. "It has a huge footprint, it bogs down machines, and the way we look at it, we'd suggest not just waiting until version 1.0, but waiting for version 1.3 or higher, depending on your own level of aversion risk," one of the gang said.
  • Partners Peeved At WatchGuard
    Some irked partners of WatchGuard Technologies are beginning to lose their patience with the unified threat management vendor.
  • Funds Flow To Secure Mass Transit Systems
    According to a report released by New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority earlier this year, the federal government allocated $5 billion to aviation security but only $130 million to mass transit security in fiscal year 2005. That's despite the fact that passenger rail systems carry 16 times more passengers daily than commercial airlines. Recent bombings on rail systems, however, are causing more funds to flow to state and local governments charged with securing mass transit systems.
  • Microsoft will go after Google, Novell, Red Hat, IBM

    Microsoft COO Lashes Out At Linux, Google
    Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said he isn't going to let Google, Novell or Red Hat eat into its enterprise software dynasty and will push partners, premier products and services to pump up revenues