CRN Security News

  • Adobe Dealing With Surge Of Vulnerabilities
    January was supposed to be the Month Of Apple Bugs, but given the number of flaws that have surfaced in Adobe products recently, "Month Of Adobe Bugs" would be just as appropriate.
  • Security Outlook: Best Brands, Best Vendors
    Proforma DMS, a Memphis, Tenn.-based security reseller, works hard to establish its own identity with its customers. Nevertheless, the brand power of its major vendors--Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Trend Micro--does sometimes sway prospects into signing the purchase order.
  • Microsoft Patches 10 Bugs, Omits Word Fixes
    Microsoft on Tuesday released four security updates to patch 10 vulnerabilities, seven of them judged "critical." But the company failed to fix multiple flaws in its popular word processor that have been exploited by attackers for more than a month.
  • Chip maker also unveils new notebook design, digital media storage device

    CES 2007: AMD Launches Home Cinema, Home Media Server Platforms
    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday rolled out reference designs for a home cinema device, home media server, new notebook and digital media storage device under its AMD Live! banner.
  • Epoch Data Is On The Money
    Much of Epoch Data's IT business in New York crumbled along with the Twin Towers on 9/11. Undaunted, the executives relocated a short distance away and reinvented the business by creating a software package designed to help prevent the very attacks that altered their lives and the lives of their customers.
  • Spammers Find New Way To Clog Up Your Inbox
    It's raining spam. And these days, it's not just a drizzle but an all-out deluge. As quickly as vendors move to stem the tide of unsolicited commercial e-mail with innovative technologies, the spammers shift their tactics, and the heavens open up again.
  • What's Hot, What's Not In 2007
    There are a few things you probably won't be able to do anymore in 2007. Sell VoIP as a cost-cutting measure is one. Another is price by the processor. Still another is ride the NAC wave to continued profits in security, unless you plan to fine-tune your message. Security is still the hottest game in town, of course, but the hype around NAC has made customers skeptical. The thrill is gone.
  • Sales VP Lewandowski Leaving McAfee
    Jim Lewandowski, executive vice president of North American sales at McAfee, is leaving the company "to pursue other opportunities", the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor confirmed Friday.
  • Apple Researchers Post Quicktime, iPhoto Bugs
    The Month Of Apple Bugs (MOAB) project continued to stir things up Thursday with a vulnerability affecting Apple's iPhoto digital photo software coming on the heels of an Apple Quicktime bug posted yesterday.
  • Cisco Moves To Vulnerability Scoring Standard
    Cisco's Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) on Wednesday began issuing vulnerability ratings using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System, an emerging threat scoring system.
  • Adobe Reader Flaw Uncovered By Researchers
    Security researchers have discovered a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting the widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader software that could make it easy for attackers to launch malicious code.