CRN Security News

  • Apple Posts Four Bug Fixes
    Apple on Thursday released a security update that patches four vulnerabilities in Mac OS X and iChat.
  • Palm Treo Vulnerability Leaves Data Unlocked
    People using the system password lock to secure data on their Palm Treo smart phone may not be as safe as they think they are, according to a security advisory from Symantec.
  • Massive Insider Breach At DuPont
    A research chemist who worked for DuPont for 10 years before accepting a job with a competitor downloaded 22,000 sensitive documents and viewed 16,706 more in the company's electronic library.
  • Cisco Patches ASA, Firewall Vulnerabilities
    Cisco has patched five vulnerabilities affecting its PIX 500 series and ASA 5500 series security appliances, the most serious of which could enable an attacker to elevate their user privileges and gain administrative access to an affected device.
  • McAfee: Malware Attacks On Mobile Operators Soar
    Recent research by security vendor McAfee found that mobile operators around the world are faced with a greater threat of attacks from cybercriminals, despite spending more on wireless security.
  • Microsoft Issues Warning On Daylight Saving Time Flaw
    Microsoft is warning customers that the switch to early daylight-saving time this year isn't accounted for in a number of its products, including Windows XP, and that users will need to update their software to avoid potential problems.
  • IBM Makes Headway In NAC
    IBM said it will integrate its recently acquired Internet Security Systems security management software with appliances from Mirage Networks that monitor the health of PCs and other endpoints of corporate networks.
  • Fragmented approach no longer cuts it, say RSA Conference goers

    RSA Look-Back: Security Takes Integrated Turn
    Fragmented approach no longer cuts it, say RSA Conference goers. Thankfully more than 300 exhibitors were on hand to show integrated security systems at last week's RSA Conference.
  • Symantec Unifies Support, Launches Online Training
    Symantec on Monday said it has completed the integration of the legacy Veritas technical support offering and launched a new technical training program that lets partners get sales certification online.
  • RSA: NAC Experts Recommend Due Diligence
    When considering whether to deploy network access control, organizations need to first figure out goals and develop comprehensive user policies, and then test how NAC plays on the network before flipping the switch.