CRN Security News

  • Cisco Bolsters Network Security
    Cisco Systems took steps Tuesday to address the growing need for more secure networks that can defend themselves against a variety of threats with the introduction of new incident-control and threat-mitigation software and services. It also has new versions of the company's intrusion-prevention signature (ISP) system and IOS router operating system software.
  • Briefs: September 26, 2005
    Symantec plans to buy WholeSecurity, a privately held firm that specializes in identifying viruses, worms and other malware by their behavior.
  • New midmarket bundle has all-in-one flavor

    Check Point Goes To Bat With Nokia
    Check Point Software Technologies is continuing its push into the midmarket with a bundled offering that pairs its Express software with Nokia hardware.
  • VARs that can successfully navigate the security market can create an ongoing revenue stream by selling security as a managed service

    Big Opportunity In Security As A Managed Service
    The latest CRN survey shows that only 8 percent of polled VARs are offering managed service-based security solutions, leaving what could be a huge opportunity on the table for others to pursue. What&s more, that number is unlikely to increase as only 10 percent of those polled said they prefer to sell security as a managed service.
  • Amid turmoil and partner complaints, CEO says company is sound

    Fortinet Faces New Patent Issues, Departure Of CFO
    Security upstart Fortinet is grappling with turmoil as it faces the departure of a high-ranking executive and more patent challenges from Trend Micro.
  • Lenovo&s Response
    The following are Lenovo&s responses to e-mail questions posed by CRN Senior Editor Edward F. Moltzen.
  • Peregrine Flies To HP
    Hewlett-Packard resellers can look forward to some impressive new asset and service management tools for OpenView, courtesy of Peregrine Systems.
  • Symantec To Snap Up WholeSecurity
    Symantec plans to buy WholeSecurity, a privately held firm that specializes in identifying viruses, worms and other malware by their behavior.
  • Bug Gets Mozilla's ThunderBird
    Mozilla's Thunderbird e-mail client for Linux suffers from the same serious vulnerability as its Firefox browser, a security firm says. The difference: Thunderbird has not been patched.
  • report SHOWS A dramatic increase in incidents

    Spyware: From Bad To Worse
    If you feel like you've been reading a lot about spyware lately, it's because the problem keeps getting more complicated.
  • ERP Spending to Rise Dramatically
    Input projects federal spending on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is expected to grow 33 percent, to more than $7.7 billion by 2010.
  • Is the GSA's Power Dimming?
    With competitive sourcing and the balance of public/private competition being such hot topics, are these fee-based "consulting services" provided by the GSA fair to integrators and--as the GSA itself gets called out more and more--is the GSA's status as a contracting superpower diminishing?
  • Distributors are redefining their roles in the government IT market by hyping their value as a link in lucrative contracts

    The Renewed Middlemen
    Distributors are pushing a new approach to government IT sales: use their government expertise and infrastructure to expand sales and revenue opportunities.
  • IBM looks to double its government business with the help of partners and integrated solutions

    IBM's Samson: Focusing On The Customer
    Study after study completed by IBM reveals that government customers want to buy fully integrated solutions 85 percent of the time.