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  • Share and Share Alike
    Shortly after Thanksgiving, Microsoft partners should receive an onslaught (Microsoft likes to call it a wave) of new technologies unparalleled in their scope—and ambition.
  • AMD Unveils New Program To Embolden Partners
    Advanced Micro Devices' Validated Solutions program, unveiled earlier this month, is designed to give channel partners a one-stop shop for their AMD64 commercial desktop and server needs and better support, the company said.
  • BioPassword software might just make network security via password protection alone obsolete

    Multifactor Security
    Solution providers now have another weapon in the fight against hackers and would-be cyber-criminals.
  • Review: Can Domain-Specific Modeling Replace UML?
    It's time to put aside UML and think in terms of domain-specific modeling, according to MetaCase, which next month plans to release MetaEdit+ 4.5, a premier tool for designing DSM-based applications.
  • September VML Attacks Come A Cropper
    Web-delivered malware plummeted by 47 percent in September, a security company said Tuesday, as an anticipated barrage of exploits against an Internet Explorer vulnerability failed to materialize.
  • CDW Corporate Sales Dip Hits Direct-Market Reseller Shares
    One month after CDW shelled out $175 million to buy VoIP solution provider powerhouse Berbee Information Networks, the direct-market reseller behemoth reported a decline in corporate sales that sent its shares and those of some competitors downward.
  • Solution providers applaud Microsoft's improvements on the highly anticipated Windows upgrade, hope for November release

    VARs Say Vista RC1 Is Solid And More Stable
    After Vista Beta 2 shipped four months ago, critics bashed it and predicted the Windows upgrade would be delayed well into 2007. Since Release Candidate 1 (RC1) appeared in early September, however, partners and analysts have changed their tune.