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  • Home System Backup in a Windows World
    Save often, and to multiple destinations. Everyone hears that piece of sage advice, but it's not always followed. An application like Windows Home Server that makes backups easier to perform and manage is worth a first, second and third look.
  • Review: Send A Message To Spam
    Arguably, e-mail has become one of the most important forms of communication for the 21st century, yet its reputation as a time-saving, efficient communications mode has lost its luster over the last few years. Thanks to spam, inappropriate content, data leakage, malware and so on, e-mail has become more of a burden than a help for many users, and, worse yet, a liability for employers.
  • Panda packs a punch, scores big with features, performance

    Bake-Off: Security Rivals Face Off
    Grisoft, Kaspersky Lab and Panda security are boosting their channel presence. Which vendor's suite will take home the CRNtech crown?
  • Malware Writers Change Course
    Users are being enticed through links to Web sites puporting to show personalized content from YouTube and other links.
  • 4 Tips for Stopping SQL Injection Attacks
    SQL injection attacks have been the bread and butter of system crackers since the first SQL database became Web-enabled. Channel Test Center engineers offer a step-by-step strategy for blocking them.
  • 4 Tips for Stopping SQL Injection Attacks
    SQL injection attacks have been the bread and butter of system crackers since the first SQL database became Web-enabled. Here, the Channel Test Center offers a step-by-step strategy for blocking them.
  • Hit By Trojan Infostealer.Monstres
    The breach of online jobs site, which comprised 1.3 million job seekers' personal information, holds an important lesson for businesses banking on the Web to conduct business, say security solution providers.
  • VARs encourage early action to prevent potential security attacks

    The VoIP Risk Factor
    Security experts believe it's just a matter of time until widespread attacks on VoIP systems begin to materialize. But there has yet to be a major event to make the IT industry sit up and take notice.
  • Slide Show: 8 Of The Channel's Hottest Security Offerings
    Stressed over IT security issues? Whether it's through stealthy data leaks, or good old fashioned network intrusions, security remains at the top of the list of executive concerns. Here are 8 products that solution providers say are garnering attention in the channel and relieving a bit of the tension.
  • Take A Crash Course In Security Risks
    There's no such thing as a business too small to worry about information security; moreover, if you're big enough to network two computers and connect them to the Internet, you're big enough to have to think about protecting the network as well as the individual computers. Until recently, this meant placing a small firewall appliance at the network gateway, but as security hardware vendors push increasingly sophisticated functionality into their entry-level devices, small businesses and their solution providers have increasingly turned to unified threat management appliances.
  • Integrators bullish on Home Server, expect it to give market a boost

    We Do Windows (Home Server)
    Microsoft's partners are champing at the bit to get their hands on Windows Home Server. Some feel it's going to make its biggest initial splash with tech-savvy users running home businesses, while others see it as a catalyst for the home automation market.