CRN Security News

  • Growing Up Together
    Many CRN readers have pegged a large part of their businesses to selling solutions for the proverbial “little guy.” Certainly, much of our readership could itself be classified in this category. I figure I’m pretty safe in saying this, since the U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that small businesses represent something like 99.7 percent of all U.S. employers.
  • Inclusion of satellite and other imagery, audio to data stores will enable new consumer and security applications and services, solution providers say.

    Imaging Know-How Could Boost Microsoft Applications
    Microsoft's buy of Vexcel, a specialist in imagery, remote sensing and "photogrammetry", was overshadowed by the near-simultaneous acquisition of Massive, but it may be the more interesting move.
  • Security Threats Rising For Apple Macs
    The number of security flaws reported for the Mac OS has risen three times as fast as for Windows, a clear indication that Apple products are increasingly in the crosshairs of malware authors, according to McAfee.
  • Yes, Virginia, VoIP Can Be Secure
    One of the biggest knocks on VoIP technology is its lack of security. But at the Interop show this week, a group of vendors and technicians has quietly been demonstrating secure, multivendor VoIP connections -- both from within the LAN and from remote users over a VPN.
  • QandA: EMC Exec Lays Out Security Strategy
    Mark Lewis, chief development officer at EMC, shed light on the storage giant's security strategy and explained how storage security affects the channel in an interview with CRN.
  • SonicWall Unveils MailFrontier Wares
    SonicWall on Tuesday is slated to unveil its plans for integrating the antispam, antiphishing and messaging security software it obtained in its February acquisition of MailFrontier.
  • Wireless Vendors Tout Security, VoIP At Interop
    Wireless vendors at Interop Las Vegas 2006 this week are pushing new products to expand enterprise wireless LAN rollouts and are spotlighting the VoIP and security features of their latest wares.
  • Cisco Overhauls Router Line to Improve VoIP, Security
    Cisco Systems Monday at Interop Las Vegas 2006 is expanding its integrated services story with a revamp of its 7200-series routers. The overhaul includes new network processing and VPN modules for the 7200 that promise performance improvements for aggregation of services such as security and VoIP from branch offices.
  • Vendors Getting the NAC At Interop
    As the 2006 Interop trade show gets underway this week in Las Vegas, a dizzying number of networking and security vendors will be rolling out new products and services all week.
  • VAR's offerings combine innovation and value

    Upward Climb Toward Success
    Networking solution provider CXtec knows that the midmarket is its sweet spot. With about 2,500 customers that have 300 to 1,000 seats, CXtec counts on those customers for half of its business.
  • ShadowRAM: May 1, 2006
    OK. Have we all heard enough now about Jonathan Schwartz’s ponytail? The guy rivals Jennifer Aniston in the hairstyle Hall of Fame department. Enough, people!
  • VPro platform, price cuts, new products tally up to aggressive strategy

    Intel's Best Chip Shot
    Intel system builders are predicting the processor giant is poised to gain ground against rival Advanced Micro Devices as a result of the new Intel VPro business desktop platform, price cuts and an aggressive second-half product rollout.