CRN Security News

  • Vista Spam Trolls For Suckers
    Messages shilling cut-rate copies of Windows Vista are using the latest image tactics to slip through spam filters, security firm Sophos warned Tuesday.
  • HP Updates Unix Security
    Hewlett-Packard added to its HP UX 11i operating environment on Monday in a move aimed at strengthening and simplifying its Unix security.
  • Worm Attacks Symantec Enterprise Antivirus
    A "significant" worm is successfully attacking unpatched Symantec enterprise antivirus software because companies focus too much attention on Microsoft's flaws and ignore those from other vendors, according to eEye Digital Security.
  • Sturdier Botnets Mean More Spam In 2007
    The late 2006 appearance of durable botnets was a tipping point in the back-and-forth battle against spammers, according to an industry analyst, who predicted that spam will continue to gain ground on defenses.
  • Microsoft Patches Windows XP Wireless, Tells No One
    Microsoft quietly posted a Windows XP SP2 patch to make surfing public wireless hotspots safer, but did not include it with the December security updates released Tuesday and has not posted it as a download from Microsoft Update.
  • 'Rustock' Trojan A Model For Future Threats
    The tactics used by a sophisticated threat of 2006 -- the Rustock trojan horse -- will become staples in exploits during the year to come, according to a Symantec researcher.
  • IBM ISS: Don't Apply Proventia Update!
    IBM Internet Security Systems is warning customers not to apply an update the vendor issued Wednesday for its Proventia G-Series line of intrusion prevention appliances.
  • Microsoft Issues Trio Of Critical Patches
    In its December patch release, Microsoft issued seven fixes, including three critical patches that address remote execution vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Visual Studio 2005 and Windows Media Player.
  • Congress Passes Appropriation Bills
    Congress signed budget appropriations for the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security into law last month, with $448 billion allocated to the DoD and $34.8 billion to the DHS for 2007.
  • Security Hype Part 2
    Security threat warnings once again hit the headlines last week as Trend Micro questioned why security researchers would issue vulnerability alerts on security flaws the Tokyo-based vendor said it patched weeks earlier.