CRN Security News

  • Aimed at SMB space, new security service gets VARs in the game

    Trend Micro Makes Hosted E-Mail Play
    Trend Micro on Monday plans to launch Email Security Services, designed to help VARs serving SMB customers address the growing threat posed by botnets.
  • Bypass cheap-looking paper and create professional-quality labels directly on your customers' CDs and DVDs

    Label Discs With Linux and Windows Printers
    Bypass cheap-looking paper and create professional-quality labels directly on your customers' CDs and DVDs.
  • AMD Steps It Up For Mobile With Two New Processors
    Attempting to gain a more secure foothold in the mobile market, Advanced Micro Devices unveiled new Turion and Sempron processors, including its first dual-core model, as well as plans for a validated whitebook program.
  • Demand Generator: Pete DeLong, Northeast Ohio Digital
    When Jay Contrucci retired from the beauty supply business in January 2005, he didn't retire for long. Within a year he was the owner of Due Amicci Elite Salons and Beauty Store, opening shop in Canton, Ohio, and was looking to NEO Digital, a Cleveland-based solution provider, to help make his new venture a high-tech success.
  • Blue Security Gives Up, Spammer Wins
    Israeli-based antispam service Blue Security, embroiled in a denial-of-service attack that brought down millions of blogs two weeks ago, has thrown in the towel. On Wednesday, Blue Security posted a message on its site -- now offline -- that it's shutting down operations.
  • Lock up your clients' data with this small, stylish PC

    Build a Mini-ITX Data Vault
    It's sad but true: Viruses, worms, rootkits, and identity and information theft have become everyday occurrences. As a result, the protection of personal and business information on hard drives and removable storage (used for data vaulting) has become key for IT security pros, and should be of great interest to systems builders.
  • Search Biz Makes $1.1 Billion Off Risky Links
    Sites that pay to have their links pop up on search engine result pages are nearly three times more likely to harbor spyware or adware than URLs generated by the engine's algorithms, new research asserts. And search engines are cashing in.
  • InfoExpress Takes Dynamic Approach
    Security vendor Info-Express plans to introduce a network access control (NAC) solution that allows companies to protect their networks without dealing with costly infrastructure upgrades.
  • New NAC Devices Unveiled At Interop Las Vegas
    Network access control solutions were in the spotlight at Interop Las Vegas 2006, where Enterasys Networks and Vernier Networks were among the vendors that unveiled NAC wares earlier this month.
  • Watching Your Assets
    Behind our Web site, we have all these fascinating tools to track exactly what our visitors are reading—and what they’re not.
  • SonicWall Unveils Wares For SMBs
    SonicWall earlier this month targeted the needs of SMBs with the launch of the antispam, antiphishing and messaging security software it obtained in its February acquisition of MailFrontier.
  • Web Filtering Feast
    Whether you are in the security market or not, the Web filtering market is about to get very interesting for the channel.
  • Microsoft’s Sam Push Puts ISVs, Data At Risk
    Microsoft plans to continue running the service of its latest acquisition, AssetMetrix, for the next six to nine months as it mulls product and service options for its new software asset management (SAM) offering.