CRN Security News

  • AIM Bot Being Built
    A sophisticated bot that targets AOL Instant Messenger users has been spotted while still under construction, giving security researchers a unique peek into malware making.
  • Has Apple Lost Its Security Shine?
    With the latest large sets of security patches and an alleged wireless driver vulnerability, Mac OS X no longer seems invincible. Here's a look at the real threats in the Apple world and steps Mac users can take to protect themselves.
  • Storage giant adds software, services and security to tech mix

    The Transformation Of EMC
    Best known as a storage hardware vendor, EMC has spent more than $7 billion to become more of a software and services company. Is the strategy working?
  • NAC Attacks: Lockdown's Enforcer 4.5 Is On The Job
    Network access control vendor Lockdown Networks in mid-September took the wraps off a new version of its Enforcer NAC appliance, which includes improved VPN features for companies with legions of mobile workers.
  • Solution providers are sourcing an ever-higher percentage of total product purchases from other solution providers, study shows

    Channel Shopping: VARs Are Sourcing More From VARs
    Solution providers are increasingly sourcing product from other solution providers and less frequently from vendors, the 2006 Sourcing Study shows.
  • In response to the greater demand for off-site access to corporate networks, Netgear has created its ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator

    Review: Secure Remote Access With A Price That Is Right For SMBs
    With each passing day, more and more workers need remote access to corporate networks for either business travel or for working from home. But not all companies have the necessary IT dollars to spend on this capability. One solution: Netgear's new ProSafe SSL312 VPN Concentrator.
  • New ISS Appliance Sends A Strong Message
    Internet Security Systems jumped into the e-mail security appliance market with a new appliance that brings together multiple technologies to pre-emptively protect network messaging infrastructure from known and unknown threats.
  • Product Review: Wide-Screens Appeal To Multimedia, Business
    Wide-screen computer displays are becoming more and more popular simply because they are better suited for certain business applications and for multimedia and entertainment purposes. They also cost less to manufacture than standard aspect displays, resulting in more screen space per dollar for the end user.
  • Truth Starts With IDM
    Here's no doubt that information security is one of the most pressing issues that organizations face today. That's why companies are throwing precious IT dollars at the problem, thinking point solutions such as firewalls and antivirus software will be the silver bullet that helps them sleep soundly. But for true information security, you have to start with a proper ID management, or IDM, solution.
  • BBB, Dell, Microsoft, Others Partner Against Identity Theft
    The American National Standards Institute, the Better Business Bureau and a half-dozen companies, including Dell and Microsoft, have teamed up to create a resource where organizations can get standards and guidelines for dealing with identity theft and fraud.
  • Symantec Presses Congress To Combat Cybercrime
    The changing face of cyberattacks continues to leave our country's critical infrastructure vulnerable, Symantec's Vincent Weafer told Congress Wednesday. With cybercrimes costing businesses $48 billion annually and consumers $680 million in losses in 2005, a change in government policy is necessary to mitigate risk.
  • Adobe Patches Flash
    Adobe Systems urged users to update Flash Player immediately as it warned the program harbors five critical bugs that can let attackers take control of a computer.