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  • Chip maker also unveils new notebook design, digital media storage device

    CES 2007: AMD Launches Home Cinema, Home Media Server Platforms
    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday rolled out reference designs for a home cinema device, home media server, new notebook and digital media storage device under its AMD Live! banner.
  • Epoch Data Is On The Money
    Much of Epoch Data's IT business in New York crumbled along with the Twin Towers on 9/11. Undaunted, the executives relocated a short distance away and reinvented the business by creating a software package designed to help prevent the very attacks that altered their lives and the lives of their customers.
  • Spammers Find New Way To Clog Up Your Inbox
    It's raining spam. And these days, it's not just a drizzle but an all-out deluge. As quickly as vendors move to stem the tide of unsolicited commercial e-mail with innovative technologies, the spammers shift their tactics, and the heavens open up again.
  • What's Hot, What's Not In 2007
    There are a few things you probably won't be able to do anymore in 2007. Sell VoIP as a cost-cutting measure is one. Another is price by the processor. Still another is ride the NAC wave to continued profits in security, unless you plan to fine-tune your message. Security is still the hottest game in town, of course, but the hype around NAC has made customers skeptical. The thrill is gone.
  • Sales VP Lewandowski Leaving McAfee
    Jim Lewandowski, executive vice president of North American sales at McAfee, is leaving the company "to pursue other opportunities", the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor confirmed Friday.
  • Apple Researchers Post Quicktime, iPhoto Bugs
    The Month Of Apple Bugs (MOAB) project continued to stir things up Thursday with a vulnerability affecting Apple's iPhoto digital photo software coming on the heels of an Apple Quicktime bug posted yesterday.
  • Cisco Moves To Vulnerability Scoring Standard
    Cisco's Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) on Wednesday began issuing vulnerability ratings using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System, an emerging threat scoring system.
  • Adobe Reader Flaw Uncovered By Researchers
    Security researchers have discovered a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability affecting the widely used Adobe Acrobat Reader software that could make it easy for attackers to launch malicious code.
  • How To: Minimize Pain And Cost Of IP Storage Networks
    With the proliferation of storage networks and a bevvy of compliance regulations, strong IP storage security is more important today than ever. Here's a way to secure networks without the pain and expense associated with older solutions.
  • Month Of Apple Bugs Starts With QuickTime Exploit
    The Month of Apple Bugs, a project that aims to post an Apple vulnerability per day during January, launched on New Year's Day with a remote code execution flaw in Apple's QuickTime media streaming software.
  • Windows Defender Beta 2 Expiration Irks Users
    The beta version of Microsoft's free Windows Defender anti-spyware software expired Sunday, leaving Windows 2000 users out in the cold and some Windows XP owners confused by cryptic error messages.
  • 'Happy New Year' Worm Gains Ground
    The "Happy New Year" worm-carrying spam that first appeared last week accounted for 12 percent of all e-mail traffic over the weekend and continues to spread, antivirus vendors said Tuesday.
  • 5 Disruptive Technologies To Watch In 2007
    2007 will be the year when a host of hot technologies that have been percolating around the mainstream rise high on the radar screens of CIOs and IT managers. Here are five to keep an eye on.