CRN Security News

  • Secure Computing Adds Teeth To Webwasher
    Secure Computing on Monday took the wraps off a revamped version of its Webwasher gateway security offering that protects networks against threats from outside as well as from within.
  • Microsoft Partners Begin Playing With .Net 3.0
    Microsoft recently celebrated Vista's release to manufacturing and the start of a huge wave of Vista-linked product launches by releasing a blizzard of developer software, including the .Net 3.0 Framework, the new managed-code programming model at Vista's heart.
  • Exploit Released For Broadcom Wireless Flaw
    The Broadcom wireless device driver that ships with Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Gateway, eMachines and other notebook PCs contains a buffer overflow vulnerability that could allow attackers to gain control over an affected machine.
  • Initial consensus is in and the channel is fessing up that the software giant's platform update may not be a bed of roses after all

    Headaches May Remain In Microsoft Vista Land
    Shipping its long-awaited Windows update may be the start, not the end, of Microsoft's Vista headaches. Broken applications, intrusive security features and hoggy hardware requirements have plenty of solution providers and potential Vista users complaining that they're not thrilled about the looming update.
  • Review: SonicWall Appliance Introduces WWAN Support
    Deployment flexibility is becoming more and more important for today's security products. VARs are seeking products that can bring security to most any environment, while still creating new opportunities and offering advanced capabilities. SonicWall has listened to the demands of the channel with the creation of the SonicWall TZ190 appliance.
  • John Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Symantec
    Thompson is beginning to deliver on promised synergies between security and storage software, but is facing a myriad of new threats to Symantec's market leadership.
  • Microsoft, Novell partners cheer multifacted Windows-Linux pact

    Interoperability Promised
    Microsoft's pact with Novell will drive more virtualization and SUSE Linux business through the channel and better equip Microsoft partners to provide cross-platform support.
  • Amidst Washington admission, VARs rethink strategies

    Lights Dimming On The Sarbanes Oxley Act?
    The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) has helped many solution providers develop healthy compliance businesses. But with recent rumblings from Washington that SOX may have gone too far and could eventually be scaled back, some VARs are wondering how much longer SOX solutions and services will continue to yield a reliable revenue stream.
  • Security giant gives qualified partners a chance to buy SMB-focused wares at discount, also rolls out Windows product updates

    Symantec's SMB Blitz: System Builders Are Key
    Symantec recently raised the curtain on a broad campaign to court the small- and midsize-business market that includes several Windows product updates and a new system builder program.
  • LogMeIn Serves Up Hamachi VPN Service
    LogMeIn, a remote-access and support services provider, earlier this month launched a virtual private network (VPN) offering that links remote users to the corporate network through a secure peer-to-peer connection.
  • Next-gen antispyware apps will be holistic security solutions

    I Spy Integration
    When it comes to security technologies, spyware removal is definitely hot. Just look at last year, when sales of antispyware software reached $565 million--a 175 percent jump from 2004, according to the IDC global market forecast.
  • Wireless, VoIP Fuel Cisco's Sales
    Strong sales of advanced technologies such as wireless, VoIP and home networking products as well as its Scientific-Atlanta acquisition helped fuel Cisco Systems toward record results for its first quarter of fiscal 2007, including earnings growth of nearly 28 percent and revenue growth of nearly 25 percent.
  • Survey: IPv6 To Influence $96 Billion In Government Spending
    The transition to Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is about more than a federal mandate and replenishment of available IP addresses -- it's also about the $97 billion in IT purchases that will occur as a result during the next five years, according to a survey of government and industry communities conducted by Juniper Networks.
  • Microsoft To Boost Code Protection In Visual Studio
    Microsoft said the next version of Visual Studio will include the latest version of PreEmptive Solutions Dotfuscator Community Edition, a tool used to protect code from theft and from hackers looking for security vulnerabilities.
  • 'Stration' Worm Spawns Sneak Attacks
    Antivirus vendors completely missed the fact that the most massive worm attack in months has a secondary payload that has sent millions of pharmaceutical spam messages, a security intelligence company said Tuesday.
  • OS Bug Project Presents Security Wake-Up Call
    A new hacker project that promises to disclose one operating-system kernel vulnerability daily hasn't yet come up with any serious bugs, but the plan may be a security wake-up call.