CRN Security News

  • Critical Windows Bug Exploit Code Goes Public
    Code that exploits a critical Windows vulnerability disclosed and patched last week has been posted to a public mailing list, raising the risk of an attack, security vendors said Wednesday.
  • Symantec Adds Reporting Teeth To SIEM
    Symantec on Tuesday took the wraps off a new version of its Security Information Manager appliance that includes beefed up archiving and storage options and deeper integration with third party systems.
  • New Windows VML Exploit Commandeers PCs
    Immunity Inc. said it had published a working exploit for the Vector Markup Language vulnerability within three hours of Microsoft announcing the bug and issuing a patch.
  • Oracle To Patch 55 Database, App Server Bugs
    Taking a page out of rival Microsoft's playbook, Oracle on Thursday issued its first-ever advanced warning that spells out the number and severity of the patches it plans to release to fix flaws in its flagship database and other software.
  • IBM Security Team Patches CA Security Flaws
    IBM said its Internet Security Systems (ISS) team uncovered and issued patches to fix two critical vulnerabilities in a Computer Associate's small-business backup and recovery system.
  • Startup BioPassword Aims To Boost Channel Ranks
    Security startup BioPassword is looking to add channel partners and recently closed an $11 million round of venture capital, which it plans to devote to product development and sales outreach.
  • CES 2007: Day In The Life Of A Digital Integrator
    CRN accompanied Gordon van Zuiden, president of digital integrator cyberManor, as he navigated the booths, halls, exhibits and hotel suites at the 2007 Consumer Electronics Show one afternoon. More than 150,000 attended CES 2007 in Las Vegas this week.
  • iDefense Posts $12,000 Bounty On Vista, IE 7 Bugs
    VeriSign iDefense Labs will pay a $12,000 bounty for critical vulnerabilities in and exploit code for Microsoft's new Windows Vista operating system and Internet Explorer 7 browser. And Microsoft doesn't seem to mind.
  • Microsoft Patches Mac Office
    The updates to Office 2004 for Mac and Office v.X for Mac released Tuesday patched five vulnerabilities in the suites' Excel spreadsheet.
  • Adobe Dealing With Surge Of Vulnerabilities
    January was supposed to be the Month Of Apple Bugs, but given the number of flaws that have surfaced in Adobe products recently, "Month Of Adobe Bugs" would be just as appropriate.
  • Security Outlook: Best Brands, Best Vendors
    Proforma DMS, a Memphis, Tenn.-based security reseller, works hard to establish its own identity with its customers. Nevertheless, the brand power of its major vendors--Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Trend Micro--does sometimes sway prospects into signing the purchase order.
  • Microsoft Patches 10 Bugs, Omits Word Fixes
    Microsoft on Tuesday released four security updates to patch 10 vulnerabilities, seven of them judged "critical." But the company failed to fix multiple flaws in its popular word processor that have been exploited by attackers for more than a month.