CRN Security News

  • VoIP Scam Raises Security Questions
    As VoIP technology becomes commonplace, advocates have assured skeptics that digital-voice networks will be no more difficult to secure than data. But a high-profile scam has possibly put a dent in those contentions.
  • Research foresees trouble for third, fourth quarters

    Rocky Road Ahead
    By June, every good sales and channel manager starts using the tools at their disposal to hit their numbers for the year. At that point, you can pretty well estimate how close you'll get to your target--at least in most industries.
  • Create a low-cost, do-it-yourself PC-based safety net

    How To Build a Home Security System
    Constructing a home security system that is controlled and managed through a central PC is beneficial to both you and your customers. Here's a look at M1 Gold, Irvine, Calif.-based's recipe for a high-quality, low-cost PC-based home security system.
  • CA Taps Nugent As New CTO
    CA stayed inside to fill its recently vacated chief technology officer position, naming Alan Nugent, who had been directing the company's largest business unit, to take over for Mark Barrenechea, who left the company last week.
  • NAC Vendors On The Attack
    These companies are giving Cisco Systems and Microsoft a run for their money by bringing network access control (NAC) products to market.
  • Start Me Up: New NAC Offerings Gaining Attention
    While Microsoft and Cisco Systems hammer out the details of their strategies for delivering network access control, many startups have begun selling their own NAC offerings to companies eager to deploy the technology today.
  • Simply guarding the perimeter isn't enough nowadays. VARs in the know are pitching NAC technology as security's new network sentry.

    The Insider: Think You Have A NAC For Security?
    Network access control technology is grabbing the spotlight these days as a more thorough way of ensuring the security of a company's network. By going beyond the perimeter and looking at applications and clients, NAC is making a name for itself with solution providers and vendors alike.
  • New $1.3m solutions lab and partnership with HP fuel revenue in Houston

    VAR Invests $1.8M In Growth
    Computex's move into a new $1.8 million facility with a robust solutions lab and configuration center is paying off in big sales gains for the solution provider and its primary partner, Hewlett-Packard.
  • Juniper IDP 4.0 Improves Its Defenses
    Juniper Networks in mid-June rolled out upgrades to its intrusion-detection/prevention and security management software that give administrators better visibility into the network and more control over applications.
  • Westcon Spins Off Security Practice
    Westcon Group has launched a new business unit focused on security solutions that will be available to all Westcon Group solution providers, including those that buy Cisco Systems or Avaya products through the Comstor and Voda One divisions.
  • Beta 3 of next-generation Windows Server due out in early 2007

    Microsoft Gives Top 10 Reasons To Upgrade To Longhorn
    Microsoft's next-generation Windows server, code-named Longhorn, isn't expected to ship until late 2007. But at Tech Ed 2006, Microsoft outlined 10 reasons and new features that make the upgrade compelling.
  • Yahoo Quashes Mail Bug
    Yahoo says it has patched a bug that was letting attackers hijack systems through a flaw in the portal's free Web-based e-mail service.
  • Getting To The Core Of Today's Security Woes
    In today's complex IT security world, solution providers are finding that the path to good security often comes by playing the bad guy--and that is where Core Security Technologies' Core Impact comes in.
  • Outline includes incentives for deal registration, IT risk management

    Symantec Gives Partners A Road Map For Opportunity
    At Symantec’s Partner Engage 2006 conference in Palm Desert, Calif., last week, company executives provided concrete details on the synergy between its security and storage product lines and outlined key areas of opportunity for partners in the coming year.
  • VARs Stress Importance Of Layered Security
    The discovery in late May of a vulnerability in Symantec’s corporate antivirus software that could have allowed remote users to launch worm attacks is yet another example of the need for a layered approach to securing corporate networks, according to many solution providers.