CRN Security Page

  • One Critical Windows Patch Planned
    Microsoft has only one security bulletin ready to release next week, a sharp dropoff from the half-dozen that the company issued in August.
  • Joint study shows problem costs firms money, productivity

    Greynets, Spyware Still On the Rise
    FaceTime Communications and market researcher NewDiligence have released a study showing that enterprises spend an average of $130,000 per month in IT time fighting spyware-related issues.
  • Small Banks Tackle Spyware
    Shavlik Technologies combines patch management, reporting, and automated anti-spyware technology to reduce the amount of time and money it takes to find and remove spyware.
  • Symantec Patches Another AV Glitch
    Symantec posted a patch for a vulnerability in its enterprise anti-virus softwarethat could give attackers systematic access to server usernames and passwords.
  • ConSentry hits market with all-channel model, new LAN appliance

    Security Scene-Stealer?
    A pedigreed Silicon Valley startup is set to enter the security field with a dedication to go to market 100 percent through the channel.
  • EMC Embraces Security
    Just one-third of the way through its largest product refresh ever, EMC is the latest storage vendor to get religion about security.
  • Burden of Proof
    Under the banner of "Proven Security," McAfee will steadily reposition and rebrand itself as the undisputed expert in network and enterprise security.
  • Katrina Scammers Try To Infect PCs, Steal IDs
    The day that Hurricane Katrina roared ashore, there was growing evidence that scammers and hackers are using the disaster to distribute phishing attacks and worms to the unwary and unsuspecting.
  • VARs Needed For Security Enhancement, Government Survey Finds
    VARs able to help the federal government improve software quality, comply with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements and implement wireless security controls are in high demand, according to a survey of chief information security officers (CISOs) at civilian and defense agencies.
  • A View To a Till
    The fact that some employees fall victim to temptation when given the keys to the cash register is an unfortunate reality in POS environments. But it happens, and whether it&s an employee charging friends too little for an item or someone skimming money from daily receipts, crooked behavior at POS systems can cost companies significant portions of their earnings.