SAN and NAS: Taking it to the Next Level

Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network-Attached Storage (NAS) are maturing into mainstream technologies. The growth of SAN and NAS signify that storage has passed from its secondary role as a peripheral technology to primary technology status with strategic business implications. This emphasis on the strategic business value of SAN and NAS translates into consulting and service opportunities for solution providers.

Consistent with this strategy-driven trend, Reality Research and Consulting surveys of end-customers find that two-thirds of businesses that have deployed NAS technologies rely on indirect sales channel organizations as their primary source for purchasing and maintaining NAS solutions. In the SAN market, nearly two-thirds of businesses that have adopted SAN technology depend on indirect sales channel organizations as their main supplier of solutions and support.

To keep pace with the SAN and NAS markets, Reality Research believes solution providers must track the following three areas:

  • Assessment of current market conditions

  • Identification of customer requirements

  • Development of tactics to increase SAN and NAS sales and profits

    It is the objective of this report to provide direction for solution providers in these three areas. Accordingly, the report will be segmented into these areas, relying on quantitative market research surveys and qualitative business findings.

    SAN and NAS: Taking it to the Next Level

    SAN and NAS Market Conditions

    Customer Barriers and Requirements

    Six Ways To Increase SAN and NAS Sales Effectiveness and Profits

  • Choose Your Partnerships and Invest In Them
  • Strengthen Your Technical Capabilities
  • Follow the Enterprise Applications
  • Develop Services Around Storage
  • Start Talking Software
  • Pitch the Future to Sell Today

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