Six Ways To Increase SAN and NAS Sales Effectiveness and Profits

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The past 10 years in the storage industry has been marked with tremendous growth and change. Nowhere has this growth and change led to larger opportunities than for solution providers. The storage solution provider and integrator market is evolving much in the same way as networking did. The hardware is becoming a commodity, software is becoming king, and professional services are now required to integrate complex, heterogenous infrastructure.

In order to succeed in the SAN and NAS markets, solution providers must do more than add storage products to their line card. Solution providers must invest in the technical expertise and business development initiatives, which will position them as storage experts. The following six strategies are recommended by Clear Sight Consulting, a storage consulting firm (, and have been used by many of their clients to increase revenue and sales effectiveness in the data storage business.

SAN and NAS: Taking it to the Next Level

SAN and NAS Market Conditions

Customer Barriers and Requirements

Six Ways To Increase SAN and NAS Sales Effectiveness and Profits

  • Choose Your Partnerships and Invest In Them
  • Strengthen Your Technical Capabilities
  • Follow the Enterprise Applications
  • Develop Services Around Storage
  • Start Talking Software
  • Pitch the Future to Sell Today

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