EMC Moves Enterprise, Cloud, Services Business To The Channel

Under Enterprise Select, if an EMC sales team finds a new opportunity, it will engage the partner quickly so it can move on to develop new customers, Ambulos said.

Another major channel priority for EMC's direct sales reps is to adhere to newly-published rules of engagement which provide guiding principles for how EMC's sales teams work with partners, Ambulos said.

"One rule is to bring a partner into a deal no later than the second sales call," he said. "Or if a partner has a registered deal, EMC (sales reps) cannot take it direct. If they do, then there's ramifications for the sales team. All these rules have been tied into the EMC sales comp plan."

Other rules give partners the lead on services opportunities in channel-only markets or registered deal, prevent EMC from talking about prices with partners' customers, and stop EMC reps from directly engaging with a partner's customers unless authorized by the partner to do so.

EMC has also implemented a new partner capabilities grid to make it easier for its sales reps to introduce the right partner to a deal.

The partner capabilities grid is a search engine which the reps use to check customer needs against multiple partners' skill sets and certifications to find the right solution provider early in the sales cycle, Ambulos said.

Once the partner is involved, it is time for the EMC rep to move on, Ambulos said. "At this point, we go off and try to find another opportunity," he said. "We know this partner is trained, has the ability to drive and conduct sales campaigns."