CRN Storage News

  • Storage Products On Parade In San Diego
    Next week's Storage Networking World conference in San Diego will see a host of storage vendors introducing products that span the gammet of industry buzz words from CDP to ILM to data security.
  • Perpendicular Equals Greater Storage
    Fortunately for mobile users, Seagate Technology has incorporated perpendicular recording technology into its new line of 2.5-inch Momentus hard drives.
  • EMC is among big storage vendors embracing nonenterprises

    Small Wonders
    A growing number of disk-based tools are addressing even the smallest of businesses, making backup an easy sell to even the most uninitiated of customers. Perhaps further validating this is that one of the largest storage vendors--EMC--has embraced the small-business market in a big way.
  • Here's how to turn a recycled PC into a file server

    Building a NAS For Less
    Are you looking to build an ultrareliable, environmentally sound network-attached-storage (NAS) device on the cheap? Read on and you'll learn how to build one from parts you might otherwise discard.
  • Partners say they will dramatically boost their profitability under HP's new rebate program

    HP's Attach Rate Revelry
    Hewlett-Packard this week will unveil a sweeping rebate formula that will pay channel partners substantially more money for attaching more HP products and services to the solutions they deliver.
  • Here's the pitch: a game-changer

    HP Steps Up To The Plate With Innovative New Channel Program
    A major change is like the start of baseball season: filled with optimism and hope that your team has the goods to go all the way. But invariably, it’s the ability to deal with the unexpected that determines success of a given team. So, too, will it be with Hewlett-Packard’s enhancements to its PartnerOne program, which center around paying larger rebates to VARs that attach more HP products to their solutions.
  • The 'HP-Only' Way?
    HP’s Attach Plus rebate program may well equate to the “HP-only” way for a significant number of solution providers, especially smaller VARs serving the SMB space.
  • IBM Beefs Up Compliance Arrays
    IBM is enhancing its DR550 family of storage arrays for storing and securing regulated and non-regulated data, in a move to make them more competitive with EMC's Centera compliance appliance.
  • New solutions keep pace with growing opportunities

    Backup For A Thriving Small Business Market
    As the small-business market grows, vendors and solution providers are seeing increasing opportunities to provide these organizations with data protection, backup systems and storage management solutions.
  • Intel Pushes Whitebook Standards
    Intel believes that standards are the key to breaking open the whitebook market, making it easier for systems integrators and white-box builders to compete against OEMs and expand their businesses.
  • To succeed in the government market, VARs must demand more from vendor partner programs

    Stepping Up: Leading Public-Sector Channel Programs
    As middlemen, VARs take on the burden of some heavy expectations. On the one hand, customers demand timely delivery of goods and services; on the other, vendors want to get paid in a reasonable amount of time. Now factor in the nuances that exist in the public-sector market--such as lengthy sales cycles, quirky buying seasons and picky customers. Suddenly, those expectations become a lot more difficult to meet.