CRN Storage News

  • Deal accompanies new partnership with StoreAge for SAN virtualization

    CA's Wily For Web App Wares
    CA is strengthening its Web application management and storage virtualization offerings with the acquisition of Wily Technologies and a partnership with StoreAge Networking Technologies.
  • What do Intel and AMD have planned for the desktop in 2006?

    Chips In 2006: A CPU Road Map
    What do Intel and AMD have planned for the desktop in 2006? 65nm fabrication, more sophisticated multi-core architecture, virtualization and a new 940-pin socket, among other things.
  • Company wants to beef up its professional services offerings

    EMC To Buy Microsoft Partner Internosis
    Storage kingpin EMC is stepping up its professional services march with plans to acquire Microsoft solution provider Internosis.
  • Get media files faster with higher capacity NAS devices

    Easy Steps To Central Storage
    A new breed of standalone network-attached storage (NAS) devices has arrived. They offer increased storage capacity and the ability to serve up media content, and are as easy to install as they are powerful. By adding one of these NAS devices to your small-business customer's network, you can deliver all the benefits of central data storage, plus offer them a central media server.
  • Avanade, NetApp Partnership Makes Room For VARs
    Avanade is working with Network Appliance to help enterprise clients migrate to Microsoft messaging applications and with related compliance issues, and NetApp solution providers are being invited along for the ride.
  • System builders welcome expected boost in manufacturing capacity

    Seagate-Maxtor: Thumbs-Up
    Though Seagate&'s late December acquisition of rival Maxtor means one less hard-drive supplier, system builders say there&'s not much to worry about. In fact, they say, the deal just may ensure more quality supply as hard-drive makers try to satisfy the needs of the consumer-electronics market.
  • HDD consolidation could restore health, at least somewhat, to unprofitable business

    Update: Why Seagate Is Buying Maxtor
    Seagate's plan to acquire rival disk-drive maker Maxtor will create a major force to be reckoned with in the storage industry.
  • System Builders Weigh In On Seagate's Maxtor Buy
    Though Seagate's acquisition of rival Maxtor means one less hard-drive supplier, system builders say there&'s not much to worry about. In fact, the deal may just ensure more quality supply as hard-drive makers work to meet rising demand from the consumer electronics market.
  • Midmarket Storage Finds The Right Fit
    Putting together a storage network that will win business over that of the competition requires not only keeping up on advances in technology, but also knowing which technologies to use and where.
  • BakBone Unveils Data Replication Software
    BakBone Software on Monday unveiled its first ever data replication software with the help of technology it purchased with the acquisition of Constant Data about a month ago.
  • Vendor says business model shift is a matter of survival

    Cisco To Partners: Invest In Apps, Services Skills
    Cisco Systems&' push toward intelligent, application-aware networking will require the majority of the vendor&'s channel partners to make substantial investments in order to keep up, executives said last week during the Cisco Worldwide Analyst Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.
  • Partners pumped; new Windows Storage Server earns raves as well

    Windows Server 2003 R2 Draws Applause
    The Windows Server 2003 R2 product line delivers business value out of the box and will likely drive services revenues next year, partners say.
  • HP Turns To ISVs For More ILM Solutions
    Hewlett-Packard is expanding its reach to ISV partners in the ILM space, a move company executives said will help the vendor offer more ILM solutions to the channel.