EMC Talks Flash Storage, Pivotal Initiatives On 4Q Financial Call

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The recent economic slowdown impacted IT spending and forced CIOs to look at ways to gain more efficiencies from their IT assets, EMC's Goulden said. That resulted in both the increased adoption of new technologies, like auto tiering, auto provisioning and dedupe, which customers say can help them save up to 15 percent of anticipated growth, and a slower refresh rate as customers looked to use their existing storage assets longer than in the past.

"[That combination] means the 'fleet,' if I can use this term, of storage systems out there is better utilized and certainly older than it was two years ago," he said. "We don't think the flow of bits is changing. There's just as much a flow of bits going into networked storage as before. It's just that those bits are being stored more efficiently. That gives us confidence that we expect to see storage can grow faster than IT despite these aging factors playing into the portfolio."


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