Unitrends Buys PHD Virtual To Expand SMB Disaster Recovery, Take On Veeam

V.I. Experts currently does not have a partnership with Unitrends, V.I. Experts' Murphy said. "This is now an opportunity for us to sign up with Unitrends."

PHD Virtual has one of the best disaster recovery solutions on the market and is one of the only companies to make it easy to test customers' disaster recovery solutions on a regular basis, Murphy said.

However, he said, Veeam is still known for its ease of use. "Veeam, when it first came out, was easier to work with. So it took off in the market faster than PHD Virtual. But PHD Virtual over the years has been catching up."

Unitrends' Coney said his company has yet to determine what to do with the "PHD Virtual" name and is considering giving its technology a moniker like "PHD Virtual, a Unitrends company."

In any case, he said, Unitrends has no plans to kill off any PHD Virtual products or close any of its facilities.

"We're both expanding our business," he said. "There's a big opportunity for us to bring PHD Virtual into our channel program."

Coney declined to specify how much of Unitrends is owned by Insight Venture Partners, other than to characterize its ownership share as "a majority of the majority of the majority."

In addition to a minority stake in Veeam, Insight Venture Partners also owns a small part of Woburn, Mass.-based cloud backup provider Acronis. The investment firm also recently acquired automated management technology developer Kaseya, Coney said.

Being a part of Insight Venture Partners' portfolio offers opportunities to expand its reach via partnerships, Coney said.

"We just launched our MSP program," he said. "We're talking to Kaseya about partnering."