CRN Storage News

  • IBM: Disties Will Sell Storage
    IBM inked deals to distribute entry-level tape and hard-drive products via Tech Data, Ingram Micro and Bell Micro, making these products available to non-IBM-certified solution providers for the first time.
  • IBM Storage To Use Distribution For Non-IBM VARs
    IBM signed deals to distribute entry-level tape and hard drive products via Tech Data, Ingram Micro and Bell Micro, making its storage products available to non-IBM-certified solution providers for the first time.
  • Telseon Allows SSPs To Serve Multiple Clients With Single Bandwidth
    Optical networking provider Telseon this week introduced a technology which company executives said make it possible for SSPs to split a single high-speed Ethernet connection among multiple clients, thereby cutting the cost of connecting those clients to hosted data centers.
  • InfiniBand Developer Voltaire Gets $13.2M In VC Funding
    Venture capital continues to flow toward technology aimed at improving data-center productivity, as evidenced by a $13.2 million round of funding that just closed for Voltaire, a developer of connectivity solutions for the immature InfiniBand architecture.
  • Storage 101: Cost Control Through Storage Virtualization
    At a time when budgets are shrinking and businesses are scrutinizing their spending patterns, it is especially important to use every storage resource to its fullest extent. It is expected that the average customer will buy 100 percent more storage this year than last, increasing the amount of administrative burden. According to Gartner, a research and advisory firm, every dollar of storage requires five dollars of IT resource to manage it. Yet, while half of IT budgets are typically spent on storage, less than 50 percent of the existing storage capacity is actually in use. This shows that as environments continue to grow and become increasingly complex, it is not only important to leverage existing IT staff and optimize the use of all storage resources, but also to minimize the increasing costs of managing accelerating amounts of data. Technologies deployed within an IT environment must ensure a simplified, centralized storage management strategy that will reduce the learning curve for IT professionals and can therefore increase efficiencies to contain these costs.
  • Inside the Mind of the Storage VAR
    The few. The proud. The storage VARs. These kinds of experts are a rare breed. And they also are becoming more well known. All the interop-erability headaches plaguing storage today are creating a
  • Storage Seems Strong, But For How Long?
    In March of last year, International Data Corp. tracked at least 50 new storage businesses. But in the past 18months, that number has risen to 150,an unprecedented level of entrepreneurship in storage.
  • EMC direct-sales force agrees not to compete with Dell

    Tucci: A Little Channel Conflict Is Good
    <b>EMC</b> CEO Joe Tucci says the storage giant has attempted to "minimize" channel conflict with its multibillion-dollar five-year reseller agreement with <b>Dell Computer</b>, but noted that a "little conflict is good."