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  • The company will also kill its Eliant 8mm drives and its DLT-based automation

    Exabyte Introduces VXA-2 Tape, Unveils VXA, Mammoth Drive Roadmaps
    Tape drive manufacturer Exabyte, sensing opportunity from the end of the development life of drives based on the DDS technology, introduced its second-generation VXA tape drive on Tuesday.
  • CA Offers Cash For Storage Converts
    Computer Associates International continues to up the ante in the storage software war with the launch this week of a channel sales promotion aimed at supplanting competitors' products.
  • Imation and Quantum Settle Lawsuit
    Imation this month withdrew its $450 million lawsuit against Quantum after the two companies reached an out-of-court settlement deal in which Quantum agreed to certify Imation's DLT cartridges.
  • Brocade Unveils New Certification, Services Initiatives
    Brocade Communications used its annual partner and user conference, held here this week, to unveil new certification initiatives for its solution providers and end users, as well as a new professional services relationship with several of its vendor and solution provider partners.
  • New $5 billion company to be majority-owned by Hitachi

    IBM, Hitachi To Merge Hard-Drive Operations, Form New Company
    Hitachi and IBM have struck a deal to move both of their hard-disk drive (HDD) operations to a stand-alone company that would be mostly owned by Hitachi, with Hitachi paying $2.05 billion for IBM's HDD assets, the companies said in an announcement made Tuesday in Tokyo.
  • Quantum, Imation Settle DLTtape Lawsuits
    An intellectual property dispute that had threatened the ability of the channel to source media from multiple vendors for the large installed base of DLTtape drives was settled late last week as Quantum and Imation dropped suits and countersuits to open the way for Imation to produce DLTtape media.
  • VC Dollars Still Flowing To Virtual Storage, NAS
    Two storage industry start-ups reported securing additional equity investments this week, indicating venture capital money is continuing to place its bet on virtual storage management and network-attached storage.
  • Some useful advice to make storage solutions that work for your customers

    Storage Tips
    1 Don't gravitate to preferred vendors: "Customers need someone to take a neutral, unbiased third-party approach in architecting a solution%85"
  • Here's what you need to tell your customers

    What's In Store For Storage
    Storage-area networks (SANs) are evolving like a new bridge under construction. The span is ready for traffic, but the roads that feed into it are still being built. Ultimately, many thoroughfares will lead to that bridge. The choice involves which way to go.Storage TipsGlossary of Storage Terms
  • Will Software Save the SSPs?
    While the idea of outsourcing assistance in storage management was intriguing to many end users, the idea of signing over control of their data assets to an outside provider was not.
  • Islands of Virtualization
    As SANs became real world over the past few years, vendors promised a storage nirvana of ubiquitous networks of storage available to every system on the network. Virtualization software vendors are spinning a similar tale of virtualized pools of resources that can be allocated on demand to any server. Just as the real world deployed SANs as application-focused islands, it is likely that end users will deploy virtualization software in application- and project-centric islands. The challenge for storage virtualization vendors today is how to bridge the gap between a great strategy and story, and persuading end users to actually deploy the software.
  • Storage Management Certifications – Walking the Walk
    With the growth of software comes a greater degree of interest in technical certifications. Configuring and managing an enterprise SAN is a very different skill set than switching tapes or adding disks to a server. A true storage professional is emerging and commanding higher salaries commensurate with his or her experience and certifications. A recent study by RoperNOP Technology on certifications placed IBM and CA storage certifications among those solution providers will be pursuing in 2002. Software vendors such as VERITAS have struck relationships with large and small solution providers to create a market for professionals authorized to consult and deliver services around their offerings.