CRN Storage News

  • Intel Pushes Whitebook Standards
    Intel believes that standards are the key to breaking open the whitebook market, making it easier for systems integrators and white-box builders to compete against OEMs and expand their businesses.
  • Stepping Up: Leading Public-Sector Channel Programs
    As middlemen, VARs take on the burden of some heavy expectations. On the one hand, customers demand timely delivery of goods and services; on the other, vendors want to get paid in a reasonable amount of time. Now factor in the nuances that exist in the public-sector market--such as lengthy sales cycles, quirky buying seasons and picky customers. Suddenly, those expectations become a lot more difficult to meet.
  • Column: Rewarding Public-Channel Excellence
    Selling isn't easy, period. Selling IT to the public sector--federal, state and local governments, as well as education and health care--is vastly different from its commercial counterpart.
  • WAFS Makes Waves
    Solution providers looking to consolidate customer data are getting help in the form of improved access to Wide Area File Services (WAFS) technology from two SAN infrastructure vendors, McData and Brocade Communications Systems.
  • Microsoft's Fibre Alternative
    Microsoft’s acquisition of iSCSI target software technology from Montgomery Village, Md.-based String Bean Software could result in greater visibility for iSCSI as an alternative to Fibre Channel for building SANs, according to the channel.
  • Micron-Lexar Duo Poses No Threat To SanDisk
    Micron Technology’s acquisition of Lexar Media is seen as a positive step for Lexar, but the Micron-Lexar duo isn't expected to pose a major threat to flash-card giant SanDisk, according to analysts.
  • EMC Continues Midrange Push
    EMC this week is continuing to push into the small and midsize storage space with a new NAS appliance and other products with iSCSI capabilities.
  • NAS For Less
    Build an inexpensive network attached storage system for home or small-office users with recycled parts. Here's how.
  • Microsoft Acquires iSCSI SAN Technology
    Microsoft is extending its storage operating system from NAS to the iSCSI SAN space thanks to iSCSI initiator software technology it acquired, the company said on Friday.
  • Enterprise-Level Storage
    With just 4U of rack space and a new chassis design, Nexsan Technologies' SATABeast storage array allows customers to save on energy consumption.