CRN Storage News

  • Seagate Breaks Into Half-Terabyte Drive Market
    Seagate has begun shipping half-terabyte hard drives into the channel, following Hitachi to the 500-Gbyte mark, but the vendor is stretching its five-year warranty program to cover a broader technology lineup.
  • ADIC Makes Hostile Bid For Overland
    ADIC, which in August purchased just over 9 percent of San Diego-based Overland's shares, said in an SEC filing on Tuesday that it wants to acquire all of Overland.
  • Citrix CEO QandA: Longhorn Challenge, SMB, and Partners
    QandA With Citrix President and CEO at Citrix iForum in Las Vegas. Citrix Senior Vice President of Worldwide sales and services John Burris and newly apppointed channel chief Mitchell parker also attended the meeting at Mandalay Bay.
  • IBM Adds SMB Managed Services
    IBM will upgrade its SMB Express portfolio this week, rolling out a slew of managed services and targeted vertical solutions for smaller customers.
  • Products Good, Loyalty Better
    Not only is HP regaining market share in external storage systems, but it has also staged a remarkable worst-to-first comeback with its partners.
  • E-Mail Archiving Market Making A Comeback
    There are growing concerns regarding e-mail and data archival as e-mail records become increasingly important for regulatory and corporate compliance purposes. In a move to take advantage of this market resurgence, Plasmon, the developer of Ultra Density Optical (UDO), brought together a group of vendors around its optical disk technology.
  • For MSPs, Dealing With Hardware Is, Well, Hard
    If you&re breaking into the MSP game, watch out for hardware. Solution providers with MSP experience know far better than vendors that the wrong promises to customers concerning hardware can quickly become costly. Even if a vendor&s pricing scheme recommends charging “by the node,” avoid thinking in terms of managing the hardware—you&re not. You are managing the applications running across the hardware.
  • Backup Rivalry: Round 1
    The long-anticipated battle in the market for advanced Windows-based continuous data and system protection between Microsoft and Symantec has begun, and the stakes are high for partners and rivals of both companies.
  • Imation Plugs Disks Into Tape Libraries
    Imation is eyeing the large tape library installed base as a way to increase the use of disk-based backup with the introduction of a new hard drive and hard drive cartridge that physically and logically emulates tape technology.
  • Sun To Detail Channel Program Changes
    Sun Microsystems is making a number of changes to its channel and loyalty programs in an efffort to eliminate confusion among its channel partners.
  • In Data Protection, Round One: Microsoft vs. Symantec
    Microsoft and Symantec have simultaneously launched their assault against each other in the potentially lucrative market for advanced backup and recovery of Windows desktops and servers. The stakes are high for partners of both companies. Microsoft's entree into the data-protection market comes less than three months after Symantec absorbed Veritas, which owns more than half of the Windows backup and recovery market with its flagship Backup Exec product.