IOGEAR MiniMouse 800 w/ Flash Memory

IOGEAR's new Memory Mini Mouse 800 houses 32Mbytes of flash memory as convenient portable storage for documents and presentations. When used simply as a mouse on the road, the unit provides an alternative to the more cumbersome touchpads, TrackStiks and track balls found on laptops.

In addition to being a good laptop companion, in some cases it can dispense with a laptop entirely. The USB unit can be plugged into any PC at the site of a presentation for instant access to documents, slides and so on held in its flash memory.

The retractable cable makes the unit easy to pack and tote without tangles. The unit offers 800-dpi resolution, which is quit high and useful for graphics. Its small but comfortable shape strikes a balance between ergonomics and portability.

Full name of the product: IOGEAR MiniMouse 800 w/ Flash Memory
MSRP Price: $49.95
Distributors/Integrators: Ingram Micro, D&H, SED
Authorization requirements: none
Warranty: 3 years

Irvine, Calif

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