CRN Product Reviews

  • New Silex Biometrics Suite Has All The Bases Covered

    Biometrics authentication has been slow to take hold, despite high expectations. The benefits of biometrics-based security technology are numerous, but complex setup, reliability and portability issues have delayed many businesses from adopting one of the most foolproof methods of securing data.

  • Aberdeen SAN Brings iSCSI Storage To SMBs

    For small and midsize businesses, the widespread adoption of iSCSI was inevitable as capacity increased and prices fell. Offering adequate storage at a compelling price point, iSCSI has resulted in accelerated commoditization, lower costs and wider SAN adoption.

  • Linksys Answers The Call For VoIP Service

    There have been times in the not-so-distant past when getting phone service installed or fixing an existing line was a slow, painful process. In such a scenario, businesses would be hit especially hard, as a malfunctioning phone line or system could seriously compromise business activities and cut into profits and productivity. It's amazing how much things have changed. Today, for any solution provider offering broadband Internet access, it's a simple matter to also provide VoIP telephone service.

  • Latest Media Center PCs from HP, Nor-Tech, Sony and Toshiba bring a wealth of improvements in design and feature sets

    Review: The Media Center 2005 PCs Are Here

    Digital Connect Lab engineers take a look at the newest PCs running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 from Hewlett-Packard, system builder Nor-Tech, Sony and Toshiba.

  • Microsoft's latest version boasts range of improvements

    Review: Windows Media Center 2005 Hits The Mark

    The latest version of Microsoft's Windows Media Center software is a big step toward helping Microsoft systems become the all-in-one entertainment and multimedia control units for the home.

  • Strix Makes Most Of Wireless Mesh Technology

    Strix Systems' modular approach to wireless networking devices proves to be one of the most flexible on the market. The underlying technology is based on Strix's Access/One platform, which integrates intelligent routing with advanced wireless hardware.

  • NexStor Boasts Versatile Storage Options

    NexStor 4700 is nStor's first offering in the SATA market. The device enables SATA storage devices to connect to servers using any of four technology options: Fibre to Fibre, SCSI to SCSI, Fibre to SATA and/or SCSI to SATA.