CRN Product Reviews

  • Logitech Premium Desktop Optical

    Sold in bulk exclusively through the channel, Logitech's Premium Desktop Optical is well suited for the security-minded enterprise. While the wireless mouse provides ergonomic freedom of motion, the wired keyboard prevents interception of passwords and other sensitive data that would be transmitted by a wireless alternative. It also prevents the less-likely keyboard spoofing to break into sensitive systems.

  • TapeWare Master Server Small Business Pack

    Backing up Microsoft Windows Small Business Server has just become a little easier with TapeWare Master Server Small Business Pack from Yosemite Technologies. TapeWare combines an easy to use GUI with agent technology to backup servers running Microsoft Small Business Server 2000 and 2003.

  • Cassiopeia FIVA MPC-701 Pen Tablet

    Casio's MPC-701 is a robust pen tablet in a diminutive size. The tablet was designed for vertical markets, and includes features to meet the needs of various scenarios, such as a low power consumption Transmeta CPU and dual hot-swappable batteries for up to 10 hours of use. Two models are available: the MPC-701M30STD includes a transflective LCD and is designed for outdoor use, while the MPC-701M50STD with its transmissive LCD is designed for indoor use.

  • Airspot Ticket Printer

    Wireless hotspots in businesses have proliferated tremendously over the past year, however, many times business owners are left with the check for the amount of time customers use their broadband connection. What they need is a way to track and bill customers.

  • Frontier Systems MEGA PC

    For customers who require a PC with good looks and robust capability in a small footprint, the MEGA PC is an excellent solution. The PC is based on an MSI Mega Small Form Factor PC Mainboard and system design.

  • Acer Ferrari 3000

    To help rev up sales, Acer recently launched the Ferari 3000, a new high performance, eye-catching notebook. In 2003 Acer became an official supplier to the Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team. In exchange, Ferrari authorized Acer to use the patented red Ferrari paint and prancing horse logo on the screen lid of this latest notebook offering. A matching USB optical mouse is included.

  • ZyAIR B-220 Wireless LAN USB Stick

    Adding Wi-Fi networking to a notebook or desktop computer just got easier with the B-220 Wireless LAN USB Stick from ZyXel. VARs will find the product's compact, all-in-one design a real boon to those needing instant wireless connectivity.

  • D-Link Airspot Public/Private Service Gateway

    With wireless gateways dropping in price and increasing in feature sets, they are becoming a boon for small businesses to increase worker productivity. However, the security issues surrounding wireless networks often elicit immediate trepidation in solution providers and network administrators. D-Link Systems addresses these concerns with its new line of AirSpot gateways, specifically with the AirSpot DSA-3100, and so wins top honors among the year's wireless gateways for SOHO.

  • Maxtor OneTouch 250-Gbyte External Hard Drive

    No matter what type of business a company is in, the quality and availability of its data backup system is virtually as important as the data it protects. Without a solid backup solution, there's no telling what could happen if disaster strikes.

  • Hewlett-Packard TC2120

    For solution providers looking for a robust file server with a rich feature set and low cost to sell to small businesses, the HP TC2120 is the answer.

  • Xerox Phaser 6250

    For this year's printer of the year, the Test Center was looking for an SMB-friendly printer that was easy on the wallet while not making any compromises on features or performance. It also had to be small in size.

  • Hewlett-Packard NX7000

    Notebook computers are available in so many new and interesting shapes and sizes, it's getting harder to choose the best one. In picking the CRN Test Center notebook of the year, engineers wanted something a little different yet representative of the numerous advances in notebook technology in 2003. It had to be portable yet have a big screen. It had to be relatively lightweight yet be loaded with features. Also, a Centrino unit was preferable because of its high efficiency and long battery life.

  • Teros-100 Gateway

    2003 will go down in history as the year of the worm. We saw the Slammer, Sobig and Blaster worms, among others, spread throughout the Internet like wildfire, easily bypassing most security systems and causing widespread loss wherever they went. If the barrage of attacks in 2003 is a portent of what's to come in 2004, every solution provider has a responsibility to provide strong security to their customers.

  • Best Software MAS 90

    Best Software's MAS 90 came out on top of other vendors in the category for its ease of use and wealth of features by excelling in many areas that other ERP vendors find difficult to handle. Out of the box, MAS 90 arrives with more than 25 modules that cover everything from accounts payable to time slips. MAS 90 also includes modules for sales/purchase order, general ledger, material requirements panning (MRP), office link and work order.

  • Samsung 192MP

    In order for a monitor to be display of the year, the CRN Test Center felt it first had to be a flat-panel display at least 19 inches in size because anything smaller simply wouldn't be impressive at all. Then it had to have VGA and DVI inputs, S-Video and composite video inputs and built-in speakers. It was also decided that a built-in TV tuner couldn't hurt.