CRN Product Reviews

  • Managed Services Run The Gamut From IT Management To HR

    Companies with numerous IT resources or distributed physical assets often have difficulty monitoring their status, but Procuro tries to ease the process with its Personal Information Management Monitor.
    PIMM is a plug-in that shows the status of all managed services through an interface that looks and feels like an Instant Messenger window. For example, a PIMM installation configured for IT personnel might list the status of servers, networks, SANs and software in a "buddy list" fashion.

  • Lancope Monitors Ethernet Traffic

    As sophisticated intrusions become more subtle, many administrators are finding that security models built around traditional solutions are increasingly inadequate to protect networks.

  • Electric Cloud: New Era For Executives

    Most developers building executables today use a flavor of the original Unix Make program that was created in the 1970s. Over the years, the program has been refined by developers looking to optimize the make process, reduce build errors and increase the speed with which executables are completed.

  • Tools From NetIQ, Sunbelt Ease Network Management

    The larger a network becomes, the harder it is to manage. While newer operating systems incorporate features that make network management easier, there are numerous tools that can streamline the process even further. CRN Test Center engineers tested two products designed to give network administrators the upper hand when managing large networks: NetIQ's Security Administration Suite 5.0 and Sunbelt Software's ServerVision.

  • Sony VPL-DS100

    The Sony VPL-DS100 is the perfect projector for business travelers.

  • MailFrontier Socks It To Spam

    MailFrontier Enterprise Gateway guards corporate e-mail networks and stops threats before they penetrate e-mail servers and inboxes.

  • 80GB SimpleDrive Deluxe Portable

    External hard drives help meet the security needs of the government, medical and financial verticals since they can be locked away at the end of the day. In the medical, graphical, development, engineering, videography and financial fields they also allow large files and datasets to be passed between users and workstations easily.

  • Some integrators can't wait to untangle wires and wireless issues. Their mantra: Make it easy

    Alternative Networking

    Some integrators can't wait to untangle the wired/wireless issue in home networking. Their new mantra: Make it easy. Their solution: No new wires.

  • GSA-4082B (All format 8X DVD Writer)

    Supporting legacy media is not problem for the GSA-4082B. Testing shows it supports even two types of DVD-RAM in addition to the more common CD, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD R and DVD RW. That preserves any investment in older media, and eliminates barriers to including the unit in future systems.