CRN Product Reviews

  • QRadar 3.0 Enhances Threat Detection

    Enhancements to Q1Labs' premier anomaly detection product, QRadar, ease administration and monitoring tasks and strengthens defenses against security threats such as worms, trojans and denial-of-service attacks.

  • Soyo's BayOne Extreme

    Soyo's BayOne Extreme 8-in-1 Flash Media Reader/Writer expands a PC's functionality quickly and easily.

  • By driving prices down and offering robust feature sets, D-Link, Linksys and Netgear can almost guarantee the success of Gigabit Ethernet.

    Making The Switch To Gigabit On The Desktop

    Gigabit Ethernet has finally arrived for the desktop, and solution providers can leverage these high-speed connections to their advantage.

  • Breece Hill's iStoRA 4000 Makes Backup A Breeze

    Small to midsized businesses have vastly different backup and storage needs than enterprise-class organizations since the amount of data is usually smaller. Smaller companies usually don't have the same level of on-site technical expertise either. But regardless of a company's size--and however much or little data there is--data remains equally important to business-critical functions.

  • Imprivata Quells Management Burdens

    Single Sign On (SSO) solutions offer a panacea for knowledge workers navigating the maze of logon names and passwords, but IT departments still carry much of the burden of managing the SSO solution. The integration and management challenges range from maintaining user accounts to scripting custom sign-on processes for various network applications.

  • Homegrown systems unmatched by top-tier OEMs

    How To: Crafting A Media Center PC

    The Digital Connect Lab gives some tips on how to build a Media Center computer that stands out from the crowd of offerings marketed by major PC vendors.

  • Microsoft Access: Better Than Ever

    Microsoft Access has always played an important role in developing data-centric applications for the Windows platform. Access 2003 is truly a leap forward from the previous two versions and has morphed into a Web-accessible multiuser database.

  • New IPAQ Hits The Mark

    Once touted only for executives on the go, the demographic of PDAs has expanded. Students, executives, and sales personnel are all using Pocket PCs today. The diversity within the market bodes well for solution providers looking to sell the devices individually or as large company rollouts.

  • HP DC7100 Provides Cutting-Edge Technology In A Desktop Design

    In late June, Hewlett-Packard launched a new line of business PCs, including the dc7100 HP Business Desktop . The dc7100 is based on Intel's recently released 915G chipset, which includes PCI Express X16 graphics and a DDR2 memory controller. The 915 chipset, however, retains support for DDR1 memory, which is used in the dc7100. The new PC comes in three tool-less access designs for easy upgrades or service.

  • Documentum Eases Collaboration For Project Teams

    Employee collaboration can often be challenging, especially if members of a project development team are located in different rooms, offices, branches
    or countries. Documentum's 7 is a collaboration suite that simplifies the process by bringing together team members, no matter how far apart they are.