CRN Product Reviews

  • Embarcadero Does It Better

    Businesses that need to design, create and maintain database applications are faced with an onslaught of unstructured data formats and complex data relationships. Data architects, developers and administrators need an easy way to understand the state of an enterprise's data, and a model-driven solution is often the answer.

  • Zyxel Curbs Bandwith Woes

    The explosion of multimedia applications, video and digital convergence is demanding more and more bandwidth from network infrastructures. Incorporating Gigabit Ethernet into a network of desktop PCs is a proven solution to bandwidth problems, but it is so costly that most small companies cannot afford it.

  • BizTalk Server 2004 Is Well-Architected For The Enterprise

    When Microsoft announced it would launch BizTalk Server 2004, the company promised to add more development capabilities and enhanced management tools to its business process management server. CRN Test Center engineers reviewed the latest BizTalk upgrade and found numerous advantages over its predecessor, BizTalk Server 2002.

  • IronPort Solution Protects Larger E-mail Loads

    E-mail remains one of the largest vulnerabilities of any enterprise network, with viruses, worms, spam and other threats constantly filling e-mail inboxes. There are nearly as many technologies to combat these problems as there are ways for virus writers to get around them, but IronPort Systems' e-mail security appliances may be the answer.

  • The CRN Test Center Ultimate PC

    est center has built an "Ultimate PC" from the best components flowing through the channel. For the first time, this year's system included 7.1 surround sound, a 64-bit processor, a 250-Gigabyte serial ATA drive, a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo, a floppy drive with a built-in memory reader and a case with a temperature readout.

  • A Disk In Disguise

    Tape has a reputation of being a reliable, portable and flexible method of backing up data. However, because it is difficult to recover data from tape backups, in addition to other weaknesses, the technology is gradually becoming the black sheep of the storage and backup industry.

  • Polywell FX-53 PC Packs Quite A Punch

    PCs have come a long way from the traditional beige tower. Many now include novelty add-ons for chic looks and are built for high performance to handle demanding projects. There is also an increasing call for systems built for digital rendering and high-end graphics projects, and many of these systems are being powered by Advanced Micro Devices' 64-bit architecture.

  • Managed Services Run The Gamut From IT Management To HR

    Companies with numerous IT resources or distributed physical assets often have difficulty monitoring their status, but Procuro tries to ease the process with its Personal Information Management Monitor.
    PIMM is a plug-in that shows the status of all managed services through an interface that looks and feels like an Instant Messenger window. For example, a PIMM installation configured for IT personnel might list the status of servers, networks, SANs and software in a "buddy list" fashion.