CRN Product Reviews

  • Antec Gives PCs The Silent Treatment

    The recent onslaught of high-performance business PCs and media center systems means a lot more power for the price. However, with all the extra power comes extra heat—and buyers of these systems must live with fan noise while trying to conduct business, watch a DVD movie or play a game.

  • NetSupport Manager v9.0

    Help desks are relying on remote control solutions more than ever, and NetSupport Manager V9.0 is a great option. The product now includes support for Linux, pocket PC and Macintosh (via VNC) as well as Windows.

  • WebSurveyor Has All The Answers

    WebSurveyor provides online survey technology that helps IT professionals conduct detailed surveys expediently and provides multiple ways to analyze the data.

  • Network Mapping Goes Automatic

    Ipswitch&'s WhatsUp Professional automatically discovers attached devices and monitors network traffic turning the tedious, manual chore of network mapping into a hands-off, easily managed process.

  • Linksys Answers The Call For VoIP Service

    There have been times in the not-so-distant past when getting phone service installed or fixing an existing line was a slow, painful process. In such a scenario, businesses would be hit especially hard, as a malfunctioning phone line or system could seriously compromise business activities and cut into profits and productivity. It's amazing how much things have changed. Today, for any solution provider offering broadband Internet access, it's a simple matter to also provide VoIP telephone service.

  • NexConcepts' Mobile NoteTaker

    NexConcepts' Mobile NoteTaker is designed to ease the angst of employees in markets such as health care, sales and field maintenance who take handwritten notes that later need to be entered into a PC.

  • New Silex Biometrics Suite Has All The Bases Covered

    Biometrics authentication has been slow to take hold, despite high expectations. The benefits of biometrics-based security technology are numerous, but complex setup, reliability and portability issues have delayed many businesses from adopting one of the most foolproof methods of securing data.