CRN Product Reviews

  • Symantec 7100 Provides Robust Protection For Networks Of Any Size

    Security is big business, especially considering the sophisticated blended attacks that are now commonplace. Solution providers use various appliances and software products to help combat those attacks and intrusions, but managing those multiple solutions is an expensive burden. What's more, many of the security solutions on the market don't address unknown or zero day threats. Zero day threats are becoming more prevalent, often taking the form of worms and leveraged security vulnerabilities.

  • Planar, Sony, ViewSonic Flat Panels On Display

    With hardware prices dropping, vendors must find new ways to add value to their products to remain competitive. Display vendors in particular are feeling the crunch, and many are finding innovative ways to stand out amid their competition. Numerous vendors are designing products for specific vertical markets, and solution providers selling to these markets will certainly benefit.

  • IBM Delivers Enterprise-Level Applications To Mobile Devices

    IBM's WebSphere is an important tool for developing enterprise-level applications and architectures. Deploying application functionality to mobile or sometimes-mobile devices such as PDAs, laptops and smartphones is a necessity now that many workers use these devices to stay connected. IBM's Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition (WCTME) is a comprehensive platform used to develop and deploy enterprise-level applications to a variety of mobile client devices.

  • FatPipe's New Warp Line Welds Internet And Local Networks

    As more users leverage rich, Web-based content, enterprise networks quickly push the limits of their bandwidth. What's more, many enterprises are turning to noncentralized networking technologies to improve disaster recovery and to provide branch-office
    support. These issues translate to bandwidth bottlenecks, which can hinder the performance and decrease the effectiveness of geographically dispersed networks.

  • OrderPad 2.0 Processes Sales Reps' Soup-To-Nuts POS Data

    Mobile salespeople face a wide variety of headaches, such as difficulty processing orders and accessing up-to-date product and pricing data from company networks while in the field. New York-based ColeConnect aims to solve those problems with its OrderPad 2.0, which allows salespeople to manage every stage of the sales process directly from a Tablet PC.

  • CipherTrust's IronMail 305 Solution Stands At The Ready To Battle Spam, Provide E-Mail Security

    Solution providers looking for a device that can combat spam, provide e-mail security and allow for granular customization within a company's infrastructure need look no further than CipherTrust's IronMail 305 security solution. The appliance is an e-mail security gateway with strong antivirus filters and security policy features that can protect even large e-mail systems, and it gives administrators control over all details of the gateway.

  • Windows XP Service Pack 2: Install With Care

    In a review of release candidate two of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, CRN Test Center engineers found that the real suprise isn't potential compatibility issues, but the mayhem that can occur when SP2 is downloaded onto a system.

  • Melange Of Feature-Rich Printers Fit any Solution

    With dropping prices, solution providers can often sell multiple printers to customers that, in the past, might only have bought a single unit. Test Center engineers reviewed three multifunction printers from Hewlett-Packard, Xerox and IBM, and an HP color laser printer.

  • Intel Motherboards Meet Latest Chipsets

    Intel's latest motherboard overhaul is based on the new 925x and 915x series chipsets. The new chipset designs incorporate PCI-Express, DDR2RAM and Matrix RAID technology, in an attempt to gain competitive ground on AMD and its line of 64 FX CPUs.

  • IOMega Super DVD Writer

    IOMega is a well-known name in removable storage, and the company extends that expertise to DVD/CDR media with the Super DVD Writer. The device is an external, USB 2.0-based multi-format optical drive.

  • More Channel Profits From Telco's wIPphone

    Less than five years ago, solution providers would have been hard-pressed to make a profit selling telephony products. However, the emergence of VoIP technology is offering solution providers newfound opportunities for technology assessments, hardware and software sales, installation, support, training and add-on services. These opportunities extend to businesses of all sizes, from SOHOs and SMBs to larger enterprises

  • MKS Makes Unix Migration An Easy Task

    With the introduction of PC-based operating systems in the mid-1980s, Unix developers needed a way to port Unix utilities and emulated shells into DOS, and later, Microsoft Windows environments. The MKS Toolkit was developed to handle that task, and the utility has been invaluable ever since, giving developers the ability to run powerful Unix tools in any native Windows environment.