Restorion Glorio

Glorio Makes Off-Site Backup Easy

Glorio allows small businesses and SOHOs to easily backup data from multiple PCs to the vendor's off-site storage over the Internet.

From the application's dashboard, users choose the files or folders on a PC to back up. Users can also set up a backup schedule. The Glorio software encrypts the data being tranferred for extra security.

In addition to backing up newly created data, Glorio transfers updates or changes to data already backed up. Glorio is also an extrememly useful tool for frequent travelers that need to back up data from the road. The software is a breeze to use and simple to customize.

Product Name: Glorio
Company: Restorion
Price: starts at $36 per compressed gigabyte of data per month
Warranty: None
Distributors/Integrators: Direct from vendor
Deerfield, Ill.
(877) 821-2060

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