The 10 Coolest Open Source Applications Of 2010

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6. Snort 2.9

December's SourceForge Project of the Month was Snort, a bug-fix release of the porcine productivity package for purveyors of packet peeking and protection. In October, the Snort project unveiled Snort 2.9, a major update that included numerous enhancements for in-line deployments and unifies resp and resp2 syntax with a new response engine. It also enhances security by implementing intrusion prevention system (IPS) protocols, which, for example, close TCP sockets when no longer responding.

The Snort network sniffer/logger works with libpcap on all BSD platforms (including Mac OS X), as well as Solaris and POSIX-compliant operating systems, including Linux. A rules-based detection mechanism automates intrusion protection, monitoring and alerting. Snort can be extended to suit any need, and that proboscis-pig logo is icing on the cake.

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