The 10 Coolest Open Source Applications Of 2010

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8. Koffice 2.2.2

KOffice is a productivity suite designed to work the way the user thinks it should, not how some cubicle-dwelling developer thinks it should based on results from a focus group. In Kword, for example, text wraps around objects automatically by default. Instead of visiting a menu, images, charts, graphics and other objects can be added to a document with drag-and-drop from the desktop. Objects can be re-sized and rotated freely, and are included in their native format along with the document; no need for zipping extra files together. Document formatting capabilities are located in a panel at the right-hand side of the main document window, a configuration more amenable to today's wide display monitors.

Built with equally intuitive user interfaces are Kspread and Kpresenter, which also work much as one would expect, only faster. Rounding out the suite are Krita and Karbon, which handle drawing and vector graphics, KPlato for project management, and Kexi, a relational database akin to MS Access and FileMaker.

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