12 Things IT Will Hate About Microsoft Windows 8

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Menu Maze

If Microsoft gutted the Start menu to remove complexity, it brought it back with a Control Panel desktop menu that spawns a seemingly endless series of sub-menus. Navigating this maze is hard enough for a pro to do in person. Trying talking a novice user through this hopscotch will prompt any remote help desk worker to be looking for the Zoloft.

And if one wasn't enough, you might notice the presence of an extra Control Panel menu choice on this Desktop menu. That's not a Photoshop trick. There really are two Control Panels; the other one brings the Control Panel window familiar to Windows 7. Incidentally, the Network menu presents a list of nearby network nodes. The options presented when right-clicking on one include connecting to that node with Remote Desktop. Great for support workers, but a nightmare for the security team. Yep, I can see IT really hating this one.

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