10 Questions For Oracle President Mark Hurd

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So has Oracle come up with something different that is revolutionary with how the company is bringing solutions to market with the vertical stack?

This is huge. Want to make it simpler and simpler and easier and easier. And integrate these things and test them, what people have had the channel do. The channel has added a lot of value integrating piece parts. We can do it for them and save them costs and give them a better value prop (proposition) to take to the market.

We are going to keep on it. You don't want us to have a one time economic model, a one time couple of valued product introductions. You want a drumbeat from Oracle over the next quarters and years. That we are going to continue to drive the strategy that pushes on this focus of looking down by market, segment, by target market, by industry, trying to enable solutions that get into these target markets.

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