Windows 8 Beta: The Good, The Bad, And The Confusing

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Interface Off

Windows 8 has a few interface inconsistencies that struck us as a little off. From the Start screen (which we still want to call Metro), hitting ESC returns focus to the desktop. But hitting ESC while in the desktop does nothing (we expected it to toggle back to Start/Metro). Right-clicking on the desktop brings up the usual menu for adjusting screen resolution, etc. But right-clicking in Start/Metro brings up the "All Apps" button, which when pressed displays the screen shown here. Exiting and re-entering Start/Metro reverts back to the default view (without all apps).

Also striking us as unintuitive was Start/Metro's lack of a search bar or button. To search for files, apps or settings, Start/Metro brings up the search Charm (Metro's name for side panels) as soon as it receives keyboard input. This clever Charm displays the number of each file type found as the search letters change, and shows search results after hitting Enter. Curiously, Metro was able to find no files when searching for "*.exe" despite the presence of dozens of such files found through a command line search.

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