What Windows 8 Can Do Today

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Seven Clicks To VDI

Microsoft claims that the combination of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 will allow VDI deployments in seven clicks of the mouse. It didn't demonstrate that capability but Microsoft did demonstrate improvements in network optimization and over-the-wire graphics performance. "With VDI, the user experience always depends on the network," said Nikhil Balagopalan, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft. To optimize network performance and prevent boot storms, Balagopalan said that virus scans and other client tasks are automatically staggered, and performance of streamed graphics is improved thanks to adaptive codec selection in Microsoft's RemoteFX VDI protocol. Balagopalan is shown here with a side-by-side demonstration of performance differences with and without enhancements to RemoteFX.

Microsoft also implements Fairshare, which monitors and manages network usage. "If a user is downloading an HD movie and grabbing lots of bandwidth, [the server] throttles the rogue user so that everyone gets a minimum quality of service," he said.

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